Liz Macyn Releases the Refined Industrial Collection


Designer Donna M. Lutzky from Liz Macyn is releasing the brand new Refined Industrial Collection, and each photograph was taken by the designer herself.  The Refined Industrial Collection will be released on October 26, 2017.

Liz Macyn is known for helping Generation X’ers decorate their living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, and even their bathrooms to make a strong statement in their life that is artistic, creative, and compliments their own style.

"It's been such an exciting adventure to create this line by taking something so ordinary and being able to bring out the beauty and share it with the world."

Donna M. Lutzky, Owner, Liz Macyn

Thus, for the first time, Donna has created an entire product line of her favorite and most popular line of photography home décor collection.  The Refined Industrial Collection is scheduled to go live on October 26, 2017.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website and will become a part of the base collection.

The photography is designed to showcase the beauty that can be found in metal with patterns and colors that will make Gen X’ers feel as though they are accomplished, sophisticated, and in touch with their inner beauty.

The photography captures today’s trends but embodies the future with a very distinctive perspective.

Whether it’s a fine art print, a high-quality canvas, or exquisite metal print, when a Gen X’er chooses a piece from Liz Macyn, they choose a beautifully functional décor item that will quickly become a focal point in any room.

Each individual piece of art has its own name. A few examples are:

•     Silverlight

•     Bolted

•     Sophistica

•     1925

•     Vibrancy

The Refined Industrial Collection ranges in price from $30.00 to $340.00.

Donna M. Lutzky is extremely excited to welcome her fans to her new photography line and this is a collection they’ve been requesting.

For more information about The Refined Industrial Collection or for an interview with Donna M. Lutzky, please write to Media high-res photos available upon request.

About Liz Macyn

Donna M. Lutzky started designing her own photography and artwork after she was faced with a very real problem. Not being able to reflect her own style in her home.  After many years of creating her own photography and artwork herself, Donna M. Lutzky’s artwork started gaining notoriety amongst the home decor industry.

Source: Liz Macyn

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About Liz Macyn

Liz Macyn creates distinctive photography & artwork to inspire your style so you can make a statement in your home and in your life.

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