Living With 'The Election Effect': Mini-Documentary Series Looks at Student Lives After 2016 Election

Shine Global Launching one documentary each week from five award-winning directors beginning on April 26 via Facebook

The 2016 election was unlike any we’ve seen in modern history. In its wake, a group of award-winning documentarians set out to chronicle what the results meant to students around the country. The result: "The Election Effect," a five-part documentary series that showcases life for the next generation of voters.

The series, produced by Oscar-winning production house Shine Global and Paramount Network, looks at seven students from an array of backgrounds and political beliefs across the nation -- and documents the effect of political rhetoric on each of them. Shine Global will share a new documentary on its Facebook page each week starting April 26, 2018 -- the week following the recent “March for Our Lives” and school walk-outs.

“The kids who are coming of age now, in this moment, are activists,” says series producer Albie Hecht. “They’re the most tuned-in, the most connected generation we’ve ever seen. Considering they are our future, we felt it was important to give them a chance to speak to one another and to the nation. We think we can all learn from the empathetic approach they took in their dialogue.”

Shine Global enlisted the help of five award-winning filmmakers as diverse as their subjects to capture these conversations in thoughtful and thought-provoking ways.  

  • Friends in the same youth group in Greeley, Colorado, with differing opinions on how their sanctuary county should handle refugees
  • A young Muslim girl in NYC coming of age and realizing the power of her voice during a time when anti-Muslim hostility is at an all-time high
  • A gay couple in conservative North Carolina discovering their resolve to continue their fight for their civil rights grows stronger after the 2016 election
  • A white, male conservative finding himself in the minority in his progressive Nashville, Tennessee, high school
  • A student in New Hampshire processing her emotions after racism shows up literally in her own front yard

Director Kristi Jacobson was thrilled to participate in a series that looked to youth.

“When I learned about Hebh Jamal in early 2017, I knew it was a story that would resonate with audiences and that it was a story I wanted to tell,” Jacobson said. “At only 17, Hebh took to the streets, organizing a student walk-out in response to Trump’s Muslim ban. Her continued fight against Islamophobia and for equality in education makes this bright young activist a force to be reckoned with and fills me with hope for our future!”

For Paramount Network, a brand that focuses on cinematic storytelling, this project spoke to a greater movement they could see coming over the horizon.

“'The Election Effect' is an important story to tell in a world that has become so polarizing and divisive,” said Kevin Kay, president, Paramount Network. “We are thrilled to partner with Shine Global, a media company that is so adept at providing a voice to children who have such a meaningful and relevant message to share.”

Shine Global is an award-winning non-profit media company that gives voice to children and their families by sharing their stories of resilience to raise awareness, promote action and inspire change. We produce inspiring films and compelling content about at-risk children. Through tailored distribution and outreach, we connect with our audiences in communities, classrooms, museums and on Capitol Hill as part of a powerful engagement campaign to encourage social change.

Paramount Networks is a leading entertainment conglomerate that is committed to bold story-telling in both its original scripted and non-scripted series and films. Drawing on over 100 years of cinema, Paramount desires to share stories that are immersive, inclusive and deeply personal.

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Source: Shine Global


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