Living Security Unveils Technology Alliance Program Enabling Dozens of Popular Cybersecurity Tools to Extend Value and Visibility Into Human Risk Management (HRM)

The new technology alliance program streamlines integrations and interoperability with top-tier technologies, enabling proactive human risk management and threat prevention.

Living Security, the global leader in Human Risk Management (HRM), announces the formation of its Technology Alliance Program (TAP), enabling dozens of the most utilized cybersecurity tools to deliver additional visibility and value through seamless integration and interoperability with the Living Security Unify Human Risk Management platform. 

As cyber threats continue to target vulnerable workforce members and evolve in sophistication, collaboration among security tools becomes paramount in fortifying defenses. Living Security's Technology Alliance Program bridges this gap by fostering integrations with a diverse array of industry-leading platforms, including but not limited to Microsoft Azure, Proofpoint, Sailpoint, Okta, Mimecast, Netskope, ZScaler, Crowdstrike, Microsoft Defender, Rapid7, VMWare Carbon Black, Sophos, Abnormal, Cofense, KnowBe4, Proofpoint, and Workday.

The key to effective Human Risk Management lies in understanding human behavior. Through simple API integrations facilitated by the Technology Alliance Program, Living Security can harness valuable behavioral insights from various sources, such as email, web, IAM, SIEM, Endpoint, Device, DLP, and HR platforms, which enable organizations to identify human risk, protect employees, and foster positive behavior change.

Living Security's CEO, Ashley Rose, emphasized the significance of proactive risk mitigation strategies enabled by these integrations. "By leveraging our Technology Alliance Program, organizations can stay one step ahead of cyber threats," Rose stated. "Our industry-leading partnerships empower organizations to identify risks and protect the workforce from cyber incidents effectively, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats."

"The launch of our Technology Alliance Program underscores our commitment to innovation and collaboration in the cybersecurity ecosystem. By bringing together best-in-class technologies, we're enabling organizations to build robust defenses against emerging threats while fostering a culture of security awareness and resilience," said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security.

The integrations facilitated by the Technology Alliance Program encompass various aspects of cybersecurity, including:

  • Authentication, Access, and Activity: Analyzes authentication patterns, access attempts, and user activity to enable proactive risk mitigation strategies.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Facilitates proactive risk mitigation strategies by analyzing user behavior and context to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance.
  • Endpoint Security: Provides real-time insights into device activity, configurations, and vulnerabilities through seamless integration with endpoint security platforms.
  • Phishing and Email Security: Includes a comprehensive view of social engineering risk by incorporating phishing and email security data to track critical behaviors and mitigate risks effectively.
  • Training: Leverages training events to determine the effectiveness of security awareness and compliance training programs.

Living Security's Technology Alliance Program exemplifies the company's commitment to innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity. By fostering integrations with diverse industry-leading technologies, Living Security empowers organizations to bolster their cybersecurity posture and mitigate human-related risks effectively.

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