Living Security Announces Orchestration for Human Risk Management

New Workflow Automation and Orchestration Capabilities in Unify Empower Security Teams to Proactively Respond to Evolving Human Risks at Enterprise Scale

Living Security, Inc. ("Living Security"), the global leader in Human Risk Management (HRM), today announced the expansion of its Unify platform with orchestrated response capabilities. This powerful new feature set empowers security teams to automatically trigger targeted interventions based on changes in human-related risk.

Living Security Unify's response orchestration functionality leverages the insights generated by Unify Identify, pinpointing individuals or groups exhibiting high-risk behaviors such as falling for phishing attempts, exhibiting unsafe browsing habits, or struggling to comply with data-loss prevention protocols. When such shifts in risk are detected, Unify can now automatically launch predefined workflows to intervene and mitigate potential threats. 

"Human behavior remains the critical element in most cyberattacks," said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security. "With automated response workflows in Unify, we're taking Human Risk Management to the next level, enabling security teams to counter emerging threats in real-time. This proactive approach significantly reduces the time and resources needed to address human-related vulnerabilities and bolsters the overall security posture of an organization." 

One of the most common ways Human Risk Managers will leverage Unify's response orchestration capabilities will be to initiate a simple, targeted training to specific end users. In some cases, they may choose to automatically engage with the end user directly, providing just-in-time context about the risky behavior, or they may enroll them in an ongoing sequence of training and events that are specifically centered around an organizational risk focus. 

"My biggest challenge is that I don’t have the people or resources to follow up manually whenever one of my users does something potentially risky," said Martin Denis, ASU Information Security Specialist Human Risk. "With Unify's response orchestration capabilities I can put boundaries around aspects of human-related risk and then respond automatically across the enterprise when risky behaviors or events occur. And the fact that I'm significantly reducing the time between the risky user behaviors and my team's response dramatically increases the effectiveness of those responses."

Additionally, Unify's response orchestration capabilities will enable the creation of workflows that can automatically trigger actions in other solutions within the security stack. For example, when a user's risk increases, Unify can update entitlements and trigger workflows for that user within systems like SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. In addition, the Living Security Unify Connector is certified to run within SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, and can be used to drive entitlements with Unify's Human Risk Index (HRI). Learn more in the Sailpoint Compass Community

Unify's new orchestrated response features offer several key benefits, including: 

● Reduced Response Time: Automated workflows eliminate the need for manual intervention, enabling immediate action against evolving human risks.

● Increased Effectiveness: Targeted interventions address specific risk indicators with increased recency and relevance to those indicators, maximizing the impact of mitigation efforts.

● Maximizes Security Teams Impact: Automating routine tasks scales the reach of existing security teams across the enterprise without the need to add more security people to deliver tangible security improvement outcomes.

● Enhanced Security Posture: Proactive mitigation strategies reduce the likelihood of successful cyberattacks.

Unify's response orchestration capabilities are available immediately as part of the Unify platform. To learn more, visit to sign up for our upcoming webinar, "Protect your Workforce with HRM Orchestration" on June 12, 2024 at 11:00 AM eastern time.

About Living Security 

Living Security, the global leader in human risk management, transforms human risk into proactive defense by quantifying human risk to engage humans with relevant content and communications to change human behavior. Living Security solves the challenges of human risk through risk identification, awareness and training, and risk reduction, all through an integrated platform. Living Security is trusted by security-minded organizations, including Mastercard, Verizon, Biogen, AmerisourceBergen, and Hewlett-Packard. Learn more at

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