Living Security: Announces New Cybersecurity Awareness Program, Family First

Focused on keeping kids safe online.

Keeping Your Kids Safe In An Online World

Living Security announces the launch of a new initiative, Family First, a public service security project. Family First provides videos, a 3-part webinar series, and a collection of resources from industry experts that guide parents on how to keep their children safe online. 

This is a passion project for the entire Living Security team to share its security expertise and give back to the community. Living Security helps enterprises go beyond checking the box for compliance training by providing fun, engaging and memorable cybersecurity training that helps employees put good cyber hygiene into practice. Having the opportunity to bring that knowledge to parents as a public service, during a time when we know so many kids have to spend more time online - was the right thing to do.  

Kelley Bray, Senior Security Awareness Strategist at Living Security commented, “I’m a professional dedicated to security awareness, and I still find it very hard to keep up with my 3 kids and their devices. Life is hectic. Helping parents who are trying to keep up with work and household responsibilities to tackle these issues means a lot to all of us at Living Security.” Ashley Rose, CEO, and mother of 3 wholeheartedly agrees. “Our children are our future and we all need to work together to keep them safe. I started this company on the grounds of educating fellow businesses on cybersecurity, but now, business and home take place at the same location.”

The free videos available on Living Security’s Family First website are quick and informative, two-minutes long, and provide parents with helpful tips to keep their children safe. Industry experts go in-depth with best practices and guidance in the 3-part webinar series. The webinars will cover topics such as device and application monitoring, social media & online gaming. 

For more information or to register for these webinars, visit 

About Living Security

Living Security, based in Austin TX, reduces the #1 cybersecurity risk for enterprises, human error, through engaging and impactful security awareness training that is brought to life by innovative tech-enabled experiences. The company's immersive training experiences engage employees using science-backed techniques that are 16x more effective than traditional training to motivate behavior change with fresh content that's relevant for the current threat landscape.

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