Living Security and Vaillance Group Expand Partnership to Identify Cybersecurity Risks and Mitigate Insider Threats

Combining Vaillance's human risk vulnerability assessments and program development with the Living Security Unify Human Risk Management (HRM) Platform provides organizations with the resources to protect assets, people, and confidential data.

Living Security and Vaillance Group, global leaders in Human Risk Management assessment, analysis, training, and solutions, have expanded their partnership to programmatically identify cybersecurity risks and protect companies' assets, people, and confidential data. 

The expansion addresses the intersection and growth of cyberattacks and insider security risks. “Phishing” is the source of over two-thirds of accidental insider threats, while 94% of computer viruses stem from emails. In 2023, insider attacks cost organizations $15.4 million per incident

Living Security and Vaillance Group are uniquely qualified to help organizations mitigate insider-based cybersecurity risks. Both are led by female-founder CEOs with deep experience in cybersecurity that is complementary. A decorated Clandestine Services officer, Shawnee Delaney brings a wealth of experience of cybersecurity and insider threat prevention as CEO of Vaillance Group. As a serial entrepreneur who specializes in designing and managing product lines that change human behavior, Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security, has been a driving force in the creation of the human risk management category. 

Living Security is the creator of the Unify Human Risk Management (HRM) Platform, which predicts internal human risk by integrating data from an organization’s existing security tools to identify vigilant and vulnerable employees, then efficiently protects against cyberattacks by initiating AI-powered prompts, policy, and training interventions where needed.  

Vaillance Group is uniquely positioned in the cybersecurity and insider risk consultancy landscape, specializing in human risk management program development, training, and insider threat vulnerability assessments. What sets Vaillance apart is the unparalleled expertise of its team, many of whom have honed their skills in the clandestine world of U.S. intelligence agencies, where they specialized in exploiting and recruiting vulnerable insiders. This unique background equips Vaillance with a profound understanding of insider threats. Their prestigious global client list includes nation-states, universities, and Fortune 500 companies, underscoring their exceptional capability to address and mitigate complex security risks. 

Large and small organizations are now investing in human risk management and insider threat programs because of a growing recognition of the return on investment. According to research by the Ponemon Institute, a respected think tank studying information and privacy management practices within business and government, companies implementing a formal Insider Threat program are 50% less likely to have a data breach or cyberattack.

"Most organizations are just beginning their journey of developing, implementing, and executing Human Risk Management (HRM) programs," said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security. "Successful programs require change from people and processes alongside the technology. Together, Vaillance Group and Living Security provide security teams with everything they need to successfully implement an Insider Threat and Human Risk Management Program for their company."

Driving investment in human risk management is an increasing concern due to the continued growth and damage of insider threats. The Ponemon Institute reports that Insider attacks have grown 47% over the last two years. When insider threat scenarios happen, it usually takes 200 days to be noticed and 75 days to be controlled, according to the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

"Cybersecurity risks and insider threats continue to grow in frequency and sophistication. Implementing a robust Human Risk Management (HRM) program gives security teams the data, processes, and expertise needed to reduce threat exposure and improve vigilance before incidents occur," said Shawnee Dailey, CEO of Vaillance Group. "Together, Living Security and Vaillance Group are helping a wide array of organizations to identify risks and protect their assets, information, and workforces from security incidents."  

The partnership coordinates Vaillance's experience and skills in analyzing organizations’ vulnerabilities and developing risk management policies with Living Security’s groundbreaking technology solution for assessing employees’ work practices and educating and training them on risk avoidance.

Vaillance Group specializes in developing comprehensive, turn-key insider risk management programs tailored to an organization's specific needs. The holistic approach to mitigating insider threats has four phases: human risk assessment, policy and governance development, insider risk program design, and training and awareness.

Living Security’s Unify platform allows organizations to see data from all their cybersecurity applications in a single pane of glass. It provides immediate insight into which employees are taking risks, such as avoiding multi-factor authorization or opening phishing emails.

Living Security is also a leader in cybersecurity awareness training with hundreds of professionally produced plot-driven, live-action content modules that are tailored to train employees on the specific and individualized risks identified by the platform.

"Unify allows you to deploy specific training to those that need it most, which fosters deeper engagement," Rose said. "We equip the employees who most need additional training with the skills they need to identify and mitigate security risks, while vigilant users are rewarded with time back in their day."

Living Security also offers a comprehensive and customizable phishing simulation across email, text, and voice channels, with more than 2,000 AI-powered scenarios, MFA spoofing and voice simulation. The simulations are designed to train employees to not only identify but also respond to and shut down attacks across your organization.

In total, Living Security and the Vaillance Group create a security-first culture for the long term. The Vaillance Group holistic approach starts with human risk assessment and continues with policy and governance development, insider risk program design, and training and awareness. Combined with Unify’s human risk quantification, workflows, and actionable scorecards, employees, managers, and executives can unite in driving safer behaviors and boosting confidence.

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About Living Security

Living Security, the global leader in human risk management, transforms human risk into proactive defense by quantifying human risk to engage humans with relevant content and communications to change human behavior. Living Security solves the challenges of human risk through risk identification, awareness and training, and risk reduction, all through an integrated platform. Living Security is trusted by security-minded organizations, including Mastercard, Verizon, Biogen, AmerisourceBergen, and Hewlett-Packard.

About Vaillance Group 

Vaillance Group is a consultancy specializing in cybersecurity and insider risk management offering services such as development of comprehensive human risk management programs, training, and conducting insider threat vulnerability assessments. Vaillance excels in mitigating risks related to counterintelligence, insider threats, and cybersecurity, providing bespoke solutions that leverage a deep understanding of the complexities of human risk. Vaillance’s unique approach stems from the unparalleled expertise of its team, which includes former operatives from U.S. intelligence agencies such as the CIA, DIA, FBI, DHS, and State Department, as well as experts from the UK's Metropolitan Police, corporate law, and Fortune 100 companies. Vaillance’s clientele spans the globe and includes nation-states, universities, Fortune 500 companies, and businesses in Industrial Control System industries.  

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