LiveSafe Releases New White Paper on How Technology Can Improve Travel Risk Management

New paper details how risk intelligence and safety communications platforms can lower the likelihood of critical safety and security incidents for corporate travelers, and help companies meet duty of care obligations.

Destination Risk

A new white paper by LiveSafe, the leading mobile risk intelligence communications platform, details how new technology-based approaches to travel risk management can lead to actionable insights and incident prevention. 

Destination Risk: How Community-Sourced Risk Data & Safety Communications Can Improve Travel Risk Management, explains how technology, when effectively deployed, can lower the likelihood of critical travel incidents and claims, and thereby lower the risk profile of the organization in the eyes of insurers.

“Human observation, when coupled with a proven, expertly designed risk reporting platform, is a major force multiplier for corporate travel risk management programs,” said Dan Verton, LiveSafe Content Leader and Strategist, and one of the co-authors of the white paper. “Your employees, especially frequent travelers, are your best source of information about local and regional risks when they are traveling. But too many of those insights are not captured in a timely fashion and are not leveraged to inform policies and procedures.” 

Traditional travel risk management programs have focused heavily on reaction and incident response. While being able to respond quickly to an incident is absolutely necessary, prevention technologies and strategies provide far greater return on your travel risk management investment.

Enterprise-class risk reporting and safety communications platforms like LiveSafe are also making it possible for travelers to engage in real-time, one-to-one communications with security departments and other key management, as well as enabling those management teams to broadcast critical information to travelers located within a specific geographic area. Such capabilities are now considered critical for organizations to meet their duty of care obligations.

“Technology-based approaches to travel risk intelligence and communications are changing the travel risk management equation beyond incident response to actionable insights that can prevent travelers from being caught in dangerous or emergency situations,” the white paper states. “And over time, data-driven analytics based on crowdsourced travel risk reporting can help organizations better understand their actual enterprise travel risks and become more proactive in the development and management of policies, procedures and pre-trip planning.”

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