Livermore Airport Sees Record-Breaking Jet Traffic for Superbowl 50

A-list celebrities and VIPs flocked to Livermore Airport (LVK) in more than 90 private jets for SuperBowl 50, making it the busiest weekend the airport has seen. With crews working diligently to service over 450 passengers travelling to and from the big game, this marks a major milestone for Livermore and its new fixed base operator Five Rivers Aviation.

CEO Pete Sandhu is optimistic about the impact of the SuperBowl, noting,  “We’ve really put Livemore on the map after this weekend. Pilots are enthusiastic about the improvements they've seen at the airport, and we’re hoping people start to recognize Livermore as a premier facility for business travel into the Bay Area.”  

Key numbers from the weekend include:

  • 60+ turbine aircraft on the ramp at the same time (just before half-time)

  • 25+ aircraft accepted and departed within two-hour windows hours during peak times on Sunday and Monday

A major key to success was collaboration with fuel supplier EPIC Aviation, who provided lessons and best practices from previous SuperBowl operations. Regional VP of Sales Dev Sharma commented, "We work diligently to understand our customer’s needs and develop a trusted partnership. The success of this event came from seasoned and dedicated EPIC team members coupled with our partnership with Five Rivers Aviation.”

Five Rivers Aviation hopes to leverage the momentum of the weekend into increased activity in Livermore as it prepares for its upcoming grand opening in Spring 2016.

About Five Rivers Aviation (LVK): Five Rivers Aviation is a full service FBO at Livermore Airport providing concierge services and support facilities suitable for a variety of aircraft, including Global Express, BBJ, and G650.  Five Rivers provides the luxury amenities that are expected of a high-end FBO, but with the convenience of a general aviation airport.

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