Live Webinar: Wonderland Group Shares Lessons on Driving Growth Through Automation Amid Supply Chain Volatility

Baby Gear Manufacturer and John Galt Solutions Lead an Interactive Session on Supply Chain Digital Transformation to Power Growth

John Galt Solutions, automating supply chain planning to empower business leaders to make better decisions faster, is set to present the interactive webinar "Baby Gear Maker Teaches a Lesson in How to Handle Growth Amid Disruption" alongside customer Wonderland Group. Lukas Karnasch of Wonderland Group and Matt Hoffman of John Galt Solutions will lead the event hosted by Supply Chain Movement on Oct. 5. The session will uncover key components of Wonderland Group's supply chain evolution and remarkable growth amid times of disruption. 

Global baby gear manufacturer Wonderland Group has experienced outstanding growth over the past few years. Amid increasing demand, supplier constraints and unpredictable transportation capacity, this vertically-integrated manufacturer with leading brands such as Nuna, Joie, and Graco, set out on a digital transformation journey to automate processes, create end-to-end supply chain visibility, harmonize data across subsidiaries, and improve service levels across its multi-channel operations, including direct distribution to warehouses, retail stores, and consumers.  

During the interactive webinar, Lukas Karnasch, Director Business Analysis & Planning at Wonderland Group, will share how digital transformation made the company's growth possible in the face of constant disruptions and significant supplier and transportation constraints. 

Attendees are invited to join the session to learn about Wonderland Group's supply chain transformation journey and how the company has leveraged digital tools like John Galt Solutions' Atlas Planning Platform.  

The event will explore how a digital supply chain model minimizes risk and maximizes opportunities, and how supply chain management teams can use advanced analytics and machine learning to sense and respond faster to events. 

Session at a Glance  

  • Title: Baby Gear Maker Teaches a Lesson in How to Handle Growth Amid Disruption 
  • Speakers: Lukas Karnasch, Director Business Analysis & Planning, Wonderland Group, and Matt Hoffman, Vice President of Customer Success, John Galt Solutions. 
  • When: October 5, 2022, 12:00 PM CET 
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