Live Webinar: Implementing an IBP Culture at GEON to Improve Profitability and Drive Growth

Global Manufacturer of Performance Polymer Solutions Establishes an Integrated Plan Focused on Profitability and Collaboration

John Galt Solutions, automating supply chain planning to empower business leaders to make better decisions faster, in collaboration with SupplyChainBrain, will present the live webinar, "Implementing an IBP Culture at GEON to Improve Profitability and Drive Growth" on Oct. 18, featuring Richard Herrin of GEON Performance Solutions and Justin Siefert of John Galt Solutions.  

A global leader in the formulation, development and manufacture of performance polymer solutions, GEON Performance Solutions will share its Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey and challenge the audience to assess their degree of true integration between supply chain and finance teams.  

GEON Performance Solutions has established a renewed focus on cash flow and margins to eliminate waste and unlock new value by managing working capital more effectively, leading to the transformation of its S&OP/IBP process. At the heart of GEON Performance Solutions' IBP journey is a shift to an integrated plan focused on profitability and cross-functional collaboration. 

During the session, Richard Herrin, Director SI&OP / Integrated Business Planning, will share insights about GEON's key steps to evolve its planning capabilities, including the catalyst that sparked the transformation, the impact of focusing on cashflow and profitability versus volume, lessons learned along the way, and next steps for the global manufacturer. 

Session at a Glance 

Title: Implementing an IBP Culture at Geon to Improve Profitability and Drive Growth 

Speakers: Richard Herrin, Director SI&OP / Integrated Business Planning, Geon Performance Solutions, and Justin Siefert, Chief Marketing Officer, John Galt Solutions. 

Moderator: Helen Atkinson, Senior Editor, SupplyChainBrain 

When: Tuesday, 18 October, 2:00 PM ET 

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