Live Earth Partners With the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) to Advance Operational and Technological Needs of Venue Operators and Security Personnel at Sports Venues

Live Earth Achieves NCS4 NSSL Lab Tested Designation - Representing Successful Completion of a Product Analysis Tool That Proves to Be a Testament of Product Quality and Serviceability

​​​Live Earth, an open source visualization platform that integrates numerous live and static data feeds on to one common operational picture, announced today its partnership with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) and the attainment of the National Sports Security Lab’s (NSSL) “Lab Tested” designation. The Live Earth platform will be added to the NCS4NSSL’s Evaluated Product List, classified as a validated Data Visualization Platform.

The National Center’s NSSL’s primary mission is to advance sports security by serving as a focal point, offering opportunity for security observation and practice, technology tests and experimentation, and evaluations of feasible security solutions applicable to sports operations. The NSSL derives its unique position through its connectivity to each of the university's three main sports facilities. The M.M. Roberts Stadium (football), Reed Green Coliseum (basketball), and Pete Taylor Baseball Park (baseball) serve as technology, training, and exercising extensions of the lab. The university applies sports safety and security best practices in an environment uniquely designed to integrate people, processes, and technology. Students, practitioners, and solution providers can explore the problems of today and effort to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Live Earth meets the criteria for the NSSL’s Evaluated Product List as an extensible Internet of Things (IoT) open source data visualization platform developed using GIS mapping software technology on a real-time interactive map. The platform allows nearly unlimited numbers and types of data feeds (live and static) to be displayed and reviewed in one common operational picture that users can share with one another. Live Earth is a software platform technology that fully supports the primary mission of the NCS4 -- to advance sports security.

Live Earth provides integrated information on a real-time mapping platform for the venue itself and real-time data for the surrounding areas, co-located with the venue and city. The weather team, security team, operations team and executives of a stadium can configure their dashboard to look at the live layers of interest as they relate to their respective positions through the platform’s features.  

Attribute alerting and real-time alerts notify users of events or incidents with automatic triggers that are prioritized by external threats. These alerts can be configured by pre-defined scenarios and historical analysis that fall within pre-determined criteria, delivered via in-platform pop-up, text or email (depending on the user’s settings). The Live Earth platform also provides a means to synchronize data from multiple systems so stadium operators can assess crowd control, security events, and surrounding influences like weather, traffic and more. This in-depth investigative support provides the analytics necessary to prepare for future events. Additionally, the platform provides the ability to export still images, video clips and fully interactive scenes to streamline decision making across all departments. Data source integration is already created to provide a fast, out-of-the-box platform for immediate use. Data sources, such as cameras, door access, radios, traffic, parking and more, are all integrated into one common view, the interactive map. This provides location intelligence and insight into the conditions in and around the facility so teams can proactively manage their operations.

“We are happy to have received the NCS4’s NSSL “Lab-Tested” designation and look forward to working as a member of the Technology Alliance to help define and implement technologies to create a more secure sports and entertainment experience,” commented Craig Johnston, VP of Business Development for Live Earth. “Live Earth truly offers a unique real-time view of events and activities, allowing faster response to situations as they arise.”

As the leading academic institution in the United States in sports safety and security, NCS4 works closely with universities, professional leagues, public safety officials, high schools and open access events providing access to a vast network of potential customers, existing users, and their prospective companies and organizations. The NSSL delivers qualitative feedback from subject matter experts who have evaluated the product and make recommendations for approval based on product performance that meets the NCS4’s primary mission -- to advance sports security. 

"We are looking forward to using this powerful technology as a teaching tool in our National Sport Security Laboratory (NSSL)," said Christopher Kinnan, Manager of the NSSL at NCS4. "It will teach the value of situational awareness to help ensure safety, security, and service at sports and entertainment events."

This honorable achievement moves new technologies, like Live Earth, into an operational multiagency coordination center, designed to provide an optimal environment for research, validation, training and operations.  The state-of-the-art audio/visual system allows users to seamlessly coordinate, display and disseminate information. Lab-tested technologies are made available for training, operations, and experimentation. Practitioners can explore and train with capable solutions, while students can build an understanding of the role technologies play in safety and security.

Join NCS4 and Live Earth at the National Sports Safety and Security Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana from July 9-11, 2019.  This is where security directors and operators, facility and stadium managers, event planners/operators, law enforcement personnel, emergency managers, fire/hazmat, emergency medical/health services, athletic sport administrators, and government representatives come together to network and gather the latest knowledge, technology and strategies to deal with today’s sports safety and security challenges and solutions.

Prior to the conference, and to learn more about Live Earth’s common operational picture for Stadiums and Pro Venues, view Live Earth’s Industry Solutions for Stadiums.

About Live Earth

Based in Austin, Texas, Live Earth is the world’s most advanced real-time IoT Visualization Platform. Built to converge multiple live data streams and time series data into one platform, the interactive system provides real-time alerts to critical situations allowing organizations to respond quickly and increase safety. The platform seamlessly fuses data from multiple sources, sensors and systems that include weather, traffic, IoT, transportation, video management, shot detection systems and more. Live Earth supports multiple markets that include Defense, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Energy and Transportation in order to improve efficiency and the organization’s understanding of critical scenarios.

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About NCS4

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), at The University of Southern Mississippi, supports the advancement of sports safety and security through training, professional development, academic programs, and research. NCS4 collaborates with professional leagues, open access events, intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics, along with professional associations, private sector firms, and government agencies.  It is a critical resource for sport venue managers, event managers, first responders, and other key stakeholders.

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