Litum Unveils RTLS Version 6.1, Elevating Industry Standards for Operational Safety, Efficiency and Productivity

This new release introduces advanced capabilities, redefining real-time location systems across multiple industries

Litum, a global leader in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), today announced the global general availability of RTLS Version 6.1. This release marks a significant milestone in Litum's ultra-wideband (UWB) technology suite by introducing an expansive range of new features. Version 6.1 incorporates significant customer-validated healthcare and industrial features within a single RTLS platform, a unique capability among RTLS providers. This distinct approach allows Litum to address the nuanced demands of these sectors, enabling the delivery of location-based solutions that optimize safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Key innovations include:

  1. Multi-Mode UWB and BLE Support: Litum’s anchors and gateways now boast multi-mode capabilities, seamlessly supporting both UWB and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags. The integration of these technologies provides a hybrid RTLS foundation that supports a broad spectrum of location-based use cases, enabling a single deployment architecture when requiring both sub-meter level and room level location accuracy.
  2. Extended UWB Battery Life: Improved battery technologies and highly configurable communication options ensure that Litum tags operate 50% longer without the need for frequent charging. This translates into reduced maintenance costs and enhanced operational reliability, ensuring that critical tracking functions are always active.
  3. Enhanced Forklift Collision Warning and RTLS Capabilities: This release delivers best-in-class capabilities in forklift collision warning and RTLS for supply chain and logistics. With 6.1 comes a new hardware option of the Fixed Tag, tailored to automatically slow down forklifts and issue alerts in high-risk zones without the need for a full-RTLS infrastructure.
  4. New Mobile App for Tag Assignment: A fresh expandable mobile app debuted in Version 6.1, streamlining device management with its user-friendly interface. It features a quick-response QR scanning ability for rapid tag assignment and is compatible with Android and iOS platforms, significantly simplifying setup procedures and enhancing user interaction.
  5. High Availability and Enhanced Security: With Version 6.1, Litum technology now supports platform high availability for both on-premise and cloud platform deployments to ensure continuous operation, crucial for real-time decision-making and maintaining mission-critical environments. 6.1 also fortifies security protocols with advanced encryption measures to safeguard sensitive operational data against unauthorized access.

"Version 6.1 embodies Litum's dedication to pushing the frontiers of RTLS technology while meeting the intricate requirements of healthcare and industrial sectors," said Ozgur Ulku, Co-Founder and CEO of Litum. "This release not only enhances our core offerings but also introduces groundbreaking capabilities that merge safety with efficiency in unprecedented ways. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in each feature, crafted to deliver robust, scalable solutions that advance our clients' operational goals."

With new technology integrations and a wide range of advanced innovation, Version 6.1 redefines RTLS industry standards through its advanced capabilities in asset tracking, workforce safety management, and system scalability. Through long-standing commitment to innovation, recognized by leaders in the industry and validated by international accolades, Litum continues to set benchmarks in the RTLS market.

Source: Litum