Litmus Automation Penetrates Japan Market With Leading IIoT Platform

Litmus Added Local Management, Partners and Customers in Japan in 2017

Litmus Automation, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, announced today they expect continued growth in Japan as they successfully added staff, partners and sales channels to penetrate the Japanese IIoT market in 2017. Litmus hired local Japan Country Manager Venu Sathiraju early last year to support and expand the pipeline in Japan and saw continued success in the region.

A partnership with JIG-SAW Inc. has been fruitful, as they became the first distributor of Loop and LoopEdge technology in Japan. Together JIG-SAW and Litmus have made inroads in the Industrial Manufacturing and Connected Car markets, boasting a number of new joint customers and partners.

Japan-based Nissan was one of the first Loop IIoT platform adopters, which provided a strong foundation customer in Japan in the Smart Manufacturing and Smart Transportation verticals. They have expanded their relationship with Litmus over the past three years and expanded use of the platform to other business divisions globally.

“Litmus Automation’s Loop platform has been integral for delivering rapid Internet of Things solutions to the market for both the Connected Car and Manufacturing,” said Koji Kamimura, Global Manager IS Connected Services Nissan Motor Corporation. “They provide the industry’s best platform where we can build all our IoT use cases quickly and effectively to deliver the best possible experience for the consumers.”

Litmus and JIG-SAW recently added Vitec as an additional distribution partner in Japan. Vitec is an authorized distributor of Intel and Microsoft Azure and is helping customers adopt IoT gateway solutions and connect to the cloud using Loop and LoopEdge.

“Japan is a key market opportunity for us based on the strength of the manufacturing and automotive industry and we’ve been able to make significant progress there this year,” said Vatsal Shah, CEO/co-founder of Litmus Automation. “We are seeing an increased demand for IIoT enablement in Japan and we have been able to meet that demand with a solid presence in the country.”


About Litmus Automation

Litmus Automation provides an extensive PaaS for companies that want to quickly embrace the disruptive Internet of Things technology and leverage it for real business challenges. Litmus simplifies the complexity of developing IoT systems and solutions with a secure and scalable middleware cloud platform called Loop. With Loop, companies can securely connect any type of hardware, device, sensor or machine to the Internet and integrate the data being collected to any third-party software application or enterprise system (ERP, CRM, Big Data Analytics, Dashboards, etc.) in real-time. Loop also contains an extensive device management suite for deploying and monitoring IoT systems. Litmus Automation focuses on the Automotive and Industrial industries, and counts some large Fortune 500 companies as clients. ​ @LAutomation

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