Litmus Automation Partners With Panasonic Information Systems to Help Taiko Kogyo Adopt Industry 4.0

LoopEdge helps plant maintenance company automate motor inspection to achieve predictive maintenance

​​Litmus Automation, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider, today announced they have helped Taiko Kogyo implement an Industry 4.0 solution in partnership with Panasonic Information Systems. 

Taiko Kogyo implemented a combination of technologies to move to a smart factory including equipment status monitoring with sensors, on-site video monitoring with cameras, remote maintenance, and work analysis through video.   

“Digitizing and standardizing soft skills was the key to improving Taiko Kogyo’s maintenance processes and meeting their customer needs,” said Naoki Sakumoto, Smart Factory: Enterprise Solution Division, Panasonic Information Systems. “Until now they have relied on the soft skills of their veteran workers to identify maintenance needs such as abnormal sounds, vibrations or smells. However, with Industry 4.0, they can digitize those warning signs and achieve preventative maintenance.”

Previously, Taiko Kogyo used an auscultation stick or vibration meter to check equipment motors manually. The process was replaced with a vibration sensor and PLC. Now Taiko Kogyo receives 30 million data points per day for each motor, and sensing is valuable to customers. The data is collected and collated by the Litmus Automation IoT platform LoopEdge.

“Taiko Kogyo is just one example of how a manufacturing maintenance company can improve efficiency and profitability with Industry 4.0,” said Venu Sathiraju, Vice President of APAC for Litmus Automation. “By replacing their former manual method for maintenance with an IoT system including sensors, video and data collection, they were able to realize quality improvement and remote maintenance.”

Litmus Automation offers a unified edge-to-cloud solution for smart factories.  LoopEdge can collect any data from any device at any time with many native drivers supported, enabling Industry 4.0 solutions quickly and easily to achieve predictive maintenance.

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