Litmor Battery Cam: An Ultra-Affordable, Battery-Powered Security Camera

As a new brand in the home security camera market, Litmor has achieved notable success on and It raised over $400,000 US dollars from over 3,000 backers from all over the world and created millions of impressions on social media.

Litmor Battery Cam is a rechargeable, battery-powered, motion-sensor home security camera that works both indoors and outdoors. It has 1080p HD live view, color night vision, two-way talk, a siren, and it can support both cloud storage and micro-SD card local storage.

Same features, more affordable price

1.        1080p HD live view and color night vision

The overall video and audio experience with Litmor Battery Cam has all the basic needs covered. Litmor Battery Cam provides 1080P live and recording video quality over a 125-degree field of view. With its two LED lights on the front panel, color night vision allows you to see clearly, even at night.

2.         Flexible installation on any surface

Unlike any other home security cameras, Litmor Battery Cam uses a hand-like 360-degree rotatable mount instead of a normal magnetic mount or screw mount. With this 360-degree rotatable mount, customers can mount their camera on any object or surface, like wooden walls, windows, fences, and trees.

4.        Customized motion zone and alarm scheduling

Customized motion zone allows customers to define a specific area that they want their camera to cover while ignoring everything outside that area. In most cases, a function like this will require a monthly fee. The Litmor Battery Cam, on the other hand, offers it for free.

5.        Day brief

Day brief is Litmor’s exclusive feature. It briefs customers on the security status of their home by summarizing daily security statistics and application usage information. It shows the total number of motions that have been detected and demonstrates motion numbers in different time slots and overall motion trends in a day.

6.        AI detection

The best function of Litmor Battery Cam is the AI detection. It provides a much more accurate alarm with more precise detection and notifications. It detects and recognizes persons, cars, and animals. 

Christmas deal up to 40% off

Litmor Battery Cam is available on, and the Christmas special discount goes up to 40% off, starting from $69.

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