LitCentral's PEER-Systems™ Smart Survey Challenges 'Outdated' Survey Methods to Help Address Major COVID-19 Financial Problems

Medical Debt is Part of a Bigger Problem

Survey methods have pretty much stayed stagnant for decades, focusing in large part on demographics and gathering information on a particular subject. Until now. This week, LitCentral, Inc. - a woman-owned technology company - turned the tables on tradition as it introduces its first smart-survey which analyzes the financial fallout from COVID-19.

LitCentral, Inc. is a tech innovator that develops advanced surveys under its web application, PEER-Systems™.

Its anonymous smart surveys aim to learn about the user, calculate responses and offer solutions in real time. For its debut COVID-19 Financial Risk Survey, the company partnered with 10 top fintech companies with platforms relevant to the pandemic such as unemployment, debt management, savings, and entry-level investing. Users anonymously answer a series of questions related to their current financial standing. On the backend, PEER-Systems™ calculates the responses and presents their financial risk exposure to COVID-19 along with partnership fintech options and specific resources that offer assistance.

"Surveys as they stand today have outlived their usefulness. Probably the biggest stride in the industry has been the conversion from paper to online information gathering. But that flies in the face of what is possible today. Our smart-survey uses advanced technology that allows us to collect data that can be used to engage customers and produce actionable solutions - in-the-moment," explained Robin Hillary, CEO and co-founder, LitCentral. "When surveys are used for communication and engagement, there is boundless potential to produce relevant outcomes."

Founded in 2006, LitCentral spent its early years developing document analysis software for the entertainment industry before pivoting to research and development of advanced feedback systems for the healthcare industry. The results from its recently released survey will be used as part of a larger project related to recovery of medical debt for health insurance clients.

"The information we gather puts a more human face to a problem. For example, with COVID-19, health insurers dealing with past due payments would benefit from offering flexible solutions to members that take into account other pandemic-induced hardships they are dealing with," said Michelle Taylor, co-founder, LitCentral. "Getting a more comprehensive picture of a person provides opportunities for businesses to engage on a deeper level with customers for longer-term financial return."

"Those in customer engagement and service improvement have to think bigger and move from mere assessment tools to developing smarter survey platforms. Star-ratings or choosing from "poor", "fair" and "good" offers little insight to allow for consequential improvements," she added. "We are thrilled to see major industries like fintech and healthcare embracing our methods and we will keep pushing boundaries to provide real-world solutions that change lives." For more information about LitCentral and its PEER-Systems™ smart surveys, go to

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LitCentral is a tech innovator that develops advanced surveys under its web application, PEER-Systems™.

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