Listophile Announces Findings of Tech-Inspired Baby Name Study

Reference website Listophile analyzed data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) to discover the most popular tech-inspired baby names in the United States.

Most Popular Tech Baby Names

Reference website Listophile has conducted a study into the latest baby naming trends inspired by technology. More than 3 million instances of baby names were analyzed to reveal the most popular gadgets, computer programs, and tech brands that are inspiring baby names.

In today's never-ending quest for new and creative baby names, the study suggests some techie parents are turning to their love of technology for inspiration.

People's everyday lives are dominated by smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Therefore, in unprecedented times of rapid technological advancement, it is no surprise their choice of baby names reflects today's digital age.

The team at Listophile analyzed the latest official data from the SSA to find the most popular baby names in the United States inspired by technology.

The study's findings include a mix of names paying tribute to computer programs, programming languages, virtual assistants, and some of Silicon Valley's most successful tech powerhouses.

These baby names pay tribute to the collective love of technology, past and present.

Top 10 Tech-Inspired Boy Names:
1. Mac: Apple Mac
2. Daemon: A background computer program
3. Chip: Microchip
4. Pascal: Pascal programming language
5. Cache: Data cache
6. Cloud: Cloud server
7. Ram: Random Access Memory
8. Lotus: Lotus Software
9. Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
10. Cisco: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Top 10 Tech-Inspired Girl Names:
1. Ruby: Ruby programming language
2. Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant
3. Lisa: Local Integrated System Architecture
4. Lotus: Lotus Software
5. Perl: Perl Programming language
6. Memory: Computer memory
7. Apple: Apple Inc.
8. Vi: vi Editor
9. Ai: Artificial Intelligence
=10. Siri: Apple's virtual assistant
=10. Oracle: Oracle Corporation

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Source: Listophile