LISNR Announces Selection for Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence Program

The company, which sends data over audio using SmartTones technology, will work with Cisco product and engineer teams.

LISNR, the creator of SmartTones, a new technology that sends data over audio, today announced that it has been selected by Cisco(R) into the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) program. Cisco EIR is a startup incubation program that recognizes and supports early-stage entrepreneurs focusing on the Internet of Everything (IoE), Smart Cities, Big Data/analytics and other transformational opportunities strategic to Cisco. The program includes resources and opportunities to work with Cisco product and engineer teams, co-working space in Silicon Valley, financial support and potential strategic funding.

"LISNR has gained momentum in the entertainment space through working with professional sports teams, brands and retailers and major music festivals," says LISNR CEO Rodney Williams. "Now we're looking at wider opportunities. This partnership with Cisco helps us continue on the path toward having a dominant presence across industries. LISNR will be the world's leading communication protocol, connecting devices and overcoming communication challenges between devices everywhere."

LISNR technology uses proprietary inaudible sound waves called Smart Tones to connect devices. It works like existing technology protocol Bluetooth, except LISNR uses sound waves and does not require hardware or maintenance. Williams says the technology has advantages over Bluetooth because it requires very little CPU/battery use and also boasts synchronization with a device in less than one-eighth of a second. Additionally, because the technology uses sound that you can't hear, LISNR leverages existing hardware and network of audio that's everywhere around us. A "speakernet" or "The Internet of Sound," as Williams puts it, gives LISNR the ability to leverage a massive, existing network that's all around us. "Anywhere there is a speaker or has the ability to broadcast audio, LISNR has the ability to to turn that object or media into a data transmitting medium".

Over the six-month innovation program, LISNR will work with Cisco through more than 12 program initiatives and across their mentor network to accelerate its position in the internet of things industry.

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LISNR is the creator of SmartTones, a new technology that sends data over audio. LISNR uses an inaudible digital sound file to turn any device into a beacon. LISNR gives brands and content creators a platform that delivers second-screen experiences and proximity-based messaging. For more information, visit



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Keyless Entry, Automatic Personalization and CarPay are all possible using LISNR and the Internet of Sound. For more, visit

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