LiquidNano Launches New Liquid Windshield Protection for Pre-Order on Kickstarter

LiquidNano Windshield

​LiquidNano Inc. has just announced the launch on KickStarter of its new and highly innovative product, LiquidNano Windshield, a state-of-the-art Liquid Glass Protector for automotive windshields. Building on the successful launch of its popular Mobile Screen Protector, LiquidNano is now offering enhanced protection for windshields in the form of a simple do-it-yourself liquid glass application.

Taking its proven liquid glass nanotechnology, LiquidNano has enhanced this to offer increased protection for automotive windshields against stone and chip damage, while also aiming to improve driver visibility and safety.

“This product is the culmination of a huge amount of hard work by the LiquidNano team, and we are excited to partner with Kickstarter again for another product launch. LiquidNano Windshield is an easy do-it-yourself application, designed to provide the very best protection for your windshield,” says AJ Overman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Each LiquidNano Windshield treatment takes about 30 minutes to apply, with the vehicle ready to use after just one hour. According to LiquidNano, the coating will last for up to two years, though under extreme climate conditions this may be reduced slightly.

Shane Hayes, Director of International Sales, says: “The biggest selling point for LiquidNano Windshield has to be the dramatic increase in resistance to stone chips and cracking. Typically, windshield replacement costs are anywhere from $300 to $1,500, depending on make and model of the vehicle. Our goal is to provide motorists with an easy-to-apply, preventative, cost-effective solution to this expensive problem.” With an estimated 13 million windshields replaced annually in the US alone, LiquidNano Windshield would appear to present an attractive and affordable solution to this expensive widespread problem.

LiquidNano also claims that its new windshield product delivers remarkable hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. This means that once applied, LiquidNano Windshield will greatly improve driver visibility and safety by repelling rain, dirt, smearing, and road grime. In colder climates, LiquidNano even makes your windshield much more resistant to frost and ice, allowing for much easier removal.

LiquidNano Windshield is available on Kickstarter now (*see link below). Early Bird Specials start at just $29.00 ($45.00 MSRP) to treat a Single Windshield. LiquidNano is also offering small distribution packages via Kickstarter, targeting business owners who would like to offer windshield treatments as a retail or service option. Large distribution is available; please contact LiquidNano directly for pricing.

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