Lionel Messi and Join the Planet Will Unveil a Radically Sustainable Collaboration in a Global Livestream Event This March 1st

In an unprecedented move for environmental sustainability, Lionel Messi teams up with Join The Planet to reveal a unique collector's item designed to transform our relationship with the planet. Beyond introducing key allies, this collaboration sets the stage for releasing a highly anticipated product on March 1, 2024, redefining environmental value creation. The long-awaited first product will be revealed during a live virtual event on Join The Planet’s Twitch channel on March 1 at 12 pm EST. 

Teaming up with Karün, a pioneer in sustainable high-quality products since 2012, Join The Planet's debut offering underscores a commitment to sustainability. The product, which is still a surprise to unveil, will utilize recycled materials sourced from Patagonia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India, among others. It will feature recycled nylon plastic mainly from discarded fishing nets, recycled polypropylene plastic sourced from discarded ropes and PET caps, and recycled fiberglass for durability. Aligning with Karün, Join The Planet actively promotes the shift towards a regenerative economy, with material collection spanning various countries.

This upcoming Messi-inspired product epitomizes transparency and sustainability. Empowered by Karün's traceability system and Blockchain technology, it ensures certified transparency throughout production, allowing for digital carbon labeling on each product and interactive tracking of the material's journey. The certification process, conducted with trusted partners, strengthens the authenticity of the value chain, underscoring Karün's commitment to superior quality and sustainability. 

The first of a lineup of multiple products comes with a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership rights linked to the product in its physical form. Traceability across the supply chain aims to promote transparency and commitment to the environment.

Lionel Messi, the first ambassador of Join The Planet, leverages his influence to amplify the brand’s commitment to environmental care and social integration. Proceeds from the project go to Join The Planet Foundation to support environmental initiatives directly, including river and ocean cleanups and reforestation, with the support of local communities.

The first project that Join The Planet Foundation will carry out is the cleaning and conservation of the Paraná River in Rosario, Argentina, home of Lionel Messi, and the most extensive river system in South America after the Amazon and the largest watershed in the world. "With effort and a sense of community, we can take care of the planet," said Lionel Messi, ambassador of Join The Planet, in the unveiling video of the project. Messi plays a crucial role in leveraging his credibility to expand the initiative's reach, amplifying Join The Planet's message globally. 

"Lionel Messi's role as the inaugural ambassador for Join The Planet brings unparalleled influence to global culture," said Thomas Kimber, Director of Join The Planet Foundation. "Messi's involvement means reaching millions of people who are not part of the environmental discussion. We look forward to the positive impact his advocacy will have on our shared goals."

Join the Livestream Event on March 1, 2024 on Twitch at:

To stay up to date and become part of the movement for a sustainable planet, please visit the Join the Planet website at and engage on social media at Instagram: @jointheplanet, TikTok: Join.the.Planet.

About Join The Planet

Join The Planet is a brand that repurposes discarded materials into valuable products where a portion of proceeds are directed to the Join The Planet Foundation that funds initiatives around the world to protect and regenerate natural ecosystems through work with local communities. By partnering with renowned public figures to amplify its reach and inspire global participation, showing how collaborative efforts can pave the way for sustainable change.

About Karün

Karün is a global company innovating in the transition towards a regenerative economy. Born in Patagonia and present in over 20 countries, Karün has become the leading sustainable eyewear brand - with 12 years of experience working within local territories, pushing the boundaries of material innovation, product design, transparency, creativity, and communication.

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