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Banks that issue metal credit cards usually charge high yearly fees and require high credit scores to qualify. Some like American Express, and Chase require $250,000 a year in purchases and payoffs to even be invited to qualify.

The launch of the San Jose-based company Lion Credit Card offers anyone in the world the ability to convert their plastic cards into a state-of-the-art metal card. The card is made of stainless steel, sleek, attractive looking and subtly screams success. So, card-owners don't have to be mega-rich to play in the VIP section of the metal card arena.

Millennials prefer the sleekness of the metal credit card, along with the status symbol it provides.

Jonny Vu

CEO, Lion Credit Card, inc

Jonny Vu, CEO of Lion Credit Card. "It may seem like a trivial matter, but when it comes to business, first impressions are often the difference between closing a deal or losing a deal, and having a metal card in your wallet is a status symbol."

They offer three different card versions: The Premier, basic or fully custom card. The Premier Card is the companies own trademark of a black card. The basic metal card gives customers a variety of metal options, as well as different logos to choose from. The fully custom metal card comes with a personal design consultant to help you create a design and render a mockup for approval. The EMV chip transplant is free when you order the fully custom design card. It's also vital to note that they have a Patent Pending technology on the EMV chip transplant. A Frist of it's kind.

The company will also be announcing its launch of a concierge service in the summer of 2018. The service will enable their clients to book hard to get reservations at restaurants, tickets for games, discounted hotel rooms, order flowers, etc.

"Millennia's prefer the sleekness of the metal credit card, along with the status symbol it provides," said Vu. "The Lion Credit Card is 100% safe and secure whether it's shipped domestically in the U.S. or internationally, and comes with free delivery and same day processing for domestic orders."

This is certainly a very interesting business model. Converting any plastic cards by removing the EMV chip and transplanting it onto a metal card. There is certainly a cool factor to this.

By: Jena Johnson | Creative Writer

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