Linsoul Audio, 7Hz and Crinacle Present Zero:2 - Another Inspiring Collaboration

Linsoul Audio, founded in 2016 by a dedicated team of music enthusiasts, is proud to join forces with 7Hz and the esteemed audio critic, Crinacle, to introduce the highly anticipated Zero:2. This groundbreaking collaboration has led to the creation of an exceptional in-ear monitor (IEM) that's set to redefine the audio experience. The Zero:2 is scheduled for release on November 27th, 2023 (GMT+8).

7Hz, renowned for delivering high-performance IEMs at a remarkable value, has garnered global acclaim with models such as Salnotes Zero, Dioko, and Timeless. The original Zero, born out of the first collaboration between 7Hz and Crinacle, raised the bar in the budget IEM market by offering unmatched performance. With the Zero:2, they aim to set new standards.

Building upon the well-established tonal balance of the original Zero, the Zero:2 introduces an even more captivating and immersive sound signature. While maintaining the perfect sound equilibrium, the Zero:2 boasts an additional 3dB of bass, resulting in a potent and immersive low-frequency experience. The enhanced bass impact and extension add depth and tactile sensations to the lows. Furthermore, the midrange has been enriched with added body and warmth, enhancing instrument and vocal fundamentals while preserving clarity.

At the heart of these enhancements lies the brand-new 10mm dual cavity dynamic driver. Featuring an upgraded PU+Metal composite diaphragm, this driver offers remarkable responsiveness, enabling faster diaphragm movement. The result is impactful bass combined with the precision and crispness required for an exceptional audio experience. With an expanded frequency range of 10Hz to 20kHz, the driver ensures a noticeable enhancement in audio quality.

The Zero:2 also comes with an improved custom cable. Crafted from high-purity oxygen-free copper with silver plating and arranged in a coaxial structure, the cable is meticulously designed for enhanced audio transmission. Its removable nature allows users to customize their listening experience and extend the longevity of their IEM.

Linsoul Audio and 7Hz, in partnership with Crinacle, are thrilled to unveil the Zero:2, an IEM that exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the world of audio. The product will be available for purchase starting November 27th, 2023.

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