Linnea Krepper - New Swedish Artist on the Raise

Linnea Krepper is a pop/r&b singer and songwriter in Stockholm, Sweden.

The world famous music producer Andreas Carlsson gave her a gold ticket in Swedish Idol. Now the Swedish artist Tommy Nilsson has given her his approval to compete in the Swedish music competition Stream Your Dream with her own English version of his big hit ”Öppna din dörr”.

Tommy thought it was a funny idea and gave me his approval to spread my version of the song, so I sent it as my contribution to the competition, says Linnea.

Competing with a classic in a new version

Linnea Krepper is the pop/r&b singer and songwriter in Stockholm, Sweden, who released the single “When It Comes to You” a few weeks ago. Now she is competing in the Swedish music competition Stream Your Dream with the song “Give Me a Sign”, her own English version of the Swedish artist Tommy Nilsson’s classic “Öppna din dörr”. Her goal is to reach the final, a step that would take her closer to the dream of a record deal.

It´s been a long process but now I know what I want and I´m ready to show what I´ve got to the music business, she says.

Tommy called himself

In weeks she tried to get in touch with Tommy and his management for his approval to record her version of his song “Öppna din dörr”. Suddenly one day Tommy called her himself and said she absolutely could use the song and that he thought it was a great idea to do a new version of his old classic.

– “Öppna din dörr” is a song that I´ve grown up with and I´ve always thought it´s very beautiful, Linnea says. A couple of weeks ago I listened to it, felt something and thought that I totally could do something great with it. So it became a new modern and international version with a self-written lyric in English.

“Direct and Honest”

”Give Me a Sign” is Linnea´s dedicated entry for the music competition Stream Your Dream, where Universal Music’s digital streaming service Spinnup and the music magazine Gaffa are organizers. The goal in the competition is to have your song streamed as many times as you possibly can on Spotify the 11-17 of May.

– I feel so excited and really hope that a lot of people like my version of the song. It´s direct and honest and a very good reflection of myself, says Linnea.

Listen to ”Give Me a Sign” on Spotify

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