Lindsey Joins WATT Coalition Supporting Enhancement of the Electric Grid With Advanced Technologies

SMARTLINE-TCF®, Lindsey's Transmission Capacity Forecasting system, is one such advanced technology that assists utilities in transmitting more power over existing transmission lines.

Lindsey announces that it has joined the new Working for Advanced Transmission Technologies (WATT) coalition, a group of leading technology companies who have developed the tools and processes to enhance grid reliability and help alleviate the billions of dollars spent on transmission grid congestion.

"Various advanced technologies now exist that enable utilities to increase the flexibility of the existing network of electric transmission lines, or the grid, as it is commonly referred," said Dr. Keith Lindsey, President. "Our next generation dynamic line rating system, SMARTLINE‐TCF, is one example. It informs a utility — hours or days ahead of time — how much power a transmission line can actually carry."

Forecasts provided by the SMARTLINE‐TCF system enhance the traditional, fixed, line capacity rating that utilities around the world use when operating their grid. "The effect is to replace the network of fixed capacity transmission lines with a living, breathing, network that reflects actual capacity," said Jack McCall, Vice President at Lindsey.

"The WATT coalition is very pleased to have Lindsey as one of our founding members," said Rob Gramlich, Executive Director of WATT. "Lindsey's long‐standing dedication as an advanced solution provider to the industry is a real asset."

About Lindsey Manufacturing Co.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017, Lindsey provides technically-innovative, cost-saving products to the global electric utility industry. Lindsey's transmission capacity forecasting and next-generation dynamic line rating solution, SMARTLINE, uniquely provides utilities with both real-time and forecast transmission line capacity ratings compliant with thermal and electrical clearance requirements. Lindsey is the industry leader in Transmission Emergency Restoration System structures (ERS) which have helped major utilities around the world restore their grids in times of crisis. A market leader in sensor products, Lindsey produces high accuracy distribution class current and voltage sensors which are integral to many utilities' "Smart Grid" implementations, and the TLM monitor, which captures transmission line conductor behavior data. Lindsey Extra High Voltage line hardware is recognized as the most reliable and innovative in the industry. For more information, visit Since 1947.

About WATT

Working for Advanced Transmission Technologies (WATT) brings together a group of leading technology companies who have developed the tools and processes that can make our grid more reliable, flexible and cost-effective. Information about the campaign can be found at Rob Gramlich, President of Grid Strategies LLC, serves as Executive Director.

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