LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH Wins Prestigious Global Leadership Growth Award

Crestcom International announces LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH as the winner of the 2016 Global Leadership Growth Award for its commitment to leadership development, excellence, innovation, passion, and integrity.

Wolfgang Struensee Accepts Global Leadership Growth Award

Crestcom International, LLC announced today the winner of the prestigious Global Leadership Growth Award, LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH.

Crestcom’s Global Leadership Growth Award is given to just one company or organization each year that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to talent and leadership development. The culture of integrity, passion, excellence, innovation, and continued development present at every level of the LINDIG organization set them apart from the competitive selection process as a clear winner for this year’s award.

"Leadership is not about having a nice title on your business card and being something better. You are a servant of the people you work with."

Sven Lindig, Chief Executive Officer, LINDIG

“Sven’s personal commitment to developing his management team is truly inspirational,” says Tammy Berberick, President & CEO of Crestcom, an international leadership development and sales training organization. “I am honored to name Sven and his team at LINDIG as the winner of this year’s Global Leadership Growth Award.”

LINDIG is a fourth generation family business headquartered in the heart of Germany. With over 300 employees and six locations, LINDIG is a longtime distributor of forklifts and platforms, offering a large rental fleet as well as new and used equipment sales. LINDIG truly views their employees as their most valuable asset, providing them with a variety of training and development opportunities, competitive benefits, job rotation, and an anti-boredom guarantee. Most recently, LINDIG was awarded the coveted Top Job seal from the Center for Employment Branding (Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität, ZEAG GmbH) in Germany.

“Leadership is not about having a nice title on your business card and being something better. You are a servant of the people you work with,” says Sven Lindig, CEO of LINDIG Fördertechnik GmbH. “For me, it’s a difference of management and leadership. It is important for me to take part in leadership development myself to get the same knowledge and speak the same language as my team. In my eyes, it makes no sense to train your management team and not be involved yourself.”

Sven attributes much of LINDIG’s successes in creating a culture of growth, development, and clear communication to his leadership development training facilitator, Wolfgang Struensee. Wolfgang provides Crestcom leadership development training to companies and organizations of all sizes in the Thüringen area of Germany.

“What Wolfgang does is brilliant. He runs the workshops perfectly, and the information provided from the international experts in the classes is unmatched,” says Sven of LINDIG’s leadership training facilitator. “Also, he has a great spirit. If it is raining outside, he’ll bring sun into the room. Wolfgang has become a friend and trusted advisor, not only to me, but also for members of my management team.”

Two Global Leadership Growth Award finalists were also announced today, Maxxam Analytics based in Canada and Lloyd’s Electric Service based in the U.S.A.

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