Limecube Launches the Latest in Website-Building Platforms

Limecube has just made it easier to build your website and get it in front of those ready-to-spend customers

Limecube is proud to announce the launch of their ultimate website platform for small business users that is easy to use, while also being effective as well. It is an all too familiar story for some smaller businesses that their websites are neglected due to a lack of time and expertise. Not anymore, as the easy-to-use interface allows both experts and novices alike to make changes to many different aspects of their website. Updating content and changing images has just gotten a lot easier to do!

Limecube knows all too well that it is imperative to have an online presence in this digital age that we live in, but the website also needs to be found, which is why the new platform by Limecube is built with both SEO and site speed in mind. Aside from all the drag-and-drop plugins for all the elements needed when creating a site, another excellent feature of this versatile platform is the ability to add a fully integrated blog within the page editor that allows for completely customizing the look and feel of your blog through drag-and-drop features –  all from one central place. Coupled with all the SEO features needed for blog posts, this makes Limecube’s blogging platform one of the easiest and most powerful to use in the market. A website blog is an excellent way of telling users who you are and what you are about, as well as featuring the latest industry news.

With the launch of their new website platform, Limecube has taken advantage of a gap in the market for the small business user to have a simple-to-use (many platforms claim they are simple but are not truly) website builder that helps them create a beautiful-looking website without requiring any technical skills. The platform was designed with the novice in mind, through the inclusion of many different customizable templates which can be used to style a new website. From layout and color to font and design, anything that you see on the site can be changed or altered with ease. Best of all – have the site up and running in no time at all! Easy-to-build and easy-to-maintain are what makes this the perfect solution for people with limited website or technological knowledge. For anyone looking for the ideal low-cost solution to give their small business a web presence, the new website platform from Limecube could just be the perfect solution. 

The ethos at Limecube is to strive towards making this digital world that we live in easily accessible and understandable while helping their customers become successful in their business journey. Limecube empowers the smallest business owner to take charge of their digital future and make a success of their enterprise. Check out some of the cool and vibrant themes available as well as all the features on offer at their website, and get your business moving in the right direction today. 

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