Uri Jerzy Nachimson Publishes New Book 'Lilly's Album'

"In order to grant my family a dignified farewell, it was imperative for me to first get to know them. I therefore had to bring them to life from their unknown graves and permit them die with the dignity they so deserved" (Uri J. Nachimson)

"Lilly's Album," by Uri Jerzy Nachimson, is a powerful  story of love, war and remembrance. This unusual novel written by a holocaust survivor's son, is based on the trials and tribulations of his family that took place between the first and second world wars. It is heart rending tale of the journey from youthful hopes and dreams to the edge of despair and eventual death. The story is about burning love, the futility of war and the extermination of innocent people because of different beliefs.​

This is the 4th book written by this author, his previous book The Polish Patriot has been translated to Polish and Italian languages and has a great success.

fragment of his book: "On a cold and snowy winter day, in 1943, the last transport from the ghetto of Wloszczowa, a small town in Poland, is getting ready to leave. It is transporting the last remaining Jews to the Treblinka death camp. There, on a concrete platform fenced in with barbed wire, German soldiers stand guard, some holding onto fierce attack dogs, exposing their intimidating teeth. With the butts of their rifles, they shoved the frightened people who had just disembarked from the train they had been squeezed in for two days in sealed wagons without any food or water. They are led into a large concrete structure and commanded to undress and get ready to shower. Completely naked, they are told to run into the "cleansing" hall; when it was full, the doors were shut. Among dozens of Jews who were crammed into the sealed chamber I spotted Lilly, my young and beautiful aunt, standing there naked, trying to hide her nakedness with her hands, shivering with cold and fear. Almost complete darkness reigns inside with people pushing, praying, crying and screaming in despair."


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