Lil Sicc Drops New Single Ft. His New Talent Christian Damien

From Austin Texas, Lil Sicc takes on the West Coast through his music, hustler mentality, and great vibes.

Club Sicc's

Lil Sicc is Living up to all his dreams and aspirations, with breaking frequency waves into the industry scenes. Lil Sicc drops undeniable new heat as he drops another single titled; Tex2Cali on Wednesday, Sept. 15, debuting his upcoming new talent Justice Damien – of the Texas Boys of ClubSiccs’​ Entertainment Production Label​ – from San Antonio, Texas. The ClubSicc movement is just getting started, as Sicc sets out to do his best by leading by example to all his followers back home in Texas. Look out for more of ClubSiccs’​ movement coming in waves near you.

Preview new heat: “Tex2Cali” by Lil Sicc & Justice Damien here: youtube dot com/watch?v=J91YfGqNfFs

A dreamer in action, an artist, musician, and CEO of his movement “​ClubSiccs” and “Sicc Productions LLC”, introduces his clan of talents from Texas to Cali. Lil Sicc is Austin, Texas’ most notable promoter and he is now building his entourage across the West from Hollywood to Las Vegas and beyond with top influencers, industry, and west coast talents such as 2Stoned, one of his first talents. Catch the ClubSiccs wave!

“​​The structure that you carry, in building your movement from the club to your home, is to make your pyramid evolve, everybody within its team must be in direction of the club and that's the only way you can be on top.” - ClubSiccs


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