Lighting Sector Market Leader Steers Business In Real Time

Kanlux, one of the largest Polish distributors of lighting products, is now protected from the risk of losing invaluable business data. In their headquarters, GridwiseTech recently implemented a highly available system based on Oracle GoldenGate.

At the core of the system is real-time data integration technology: Oracle GoldenGate. It enables business data to be stored in many locations simultaneously. All changes made in one location are instantly replicated to back-up locations. In the event of main system outages, a failover system seamlessly takes over its role. Users can work without any interruptions. GoldenGate is also used to maintain business continuity during planned maintenance downtime, with user productivity remaining unaffected. GridwiseTech integrated Kanlux's mission critical systems, including corporate ERP, data warehouse and OLAP reports, in addition to other systems that serve other companies within the KPE Group. Today, Oracle GoldenGate guarantees business continuity for users of all its corporate applications and has consolidated the disparate IT Infrastructures of the KPE Group.

"None of us can afford to waste time-the system just has to work," says Bartosz Ceglarski, President of Kanlux. "Our sales people cannot wait 5 minutes-often they are at a business meeting and need to process the order immediately. The Board needs to oversee sales in real-time according to region, sales rep and products. Now, we have something we are particularly proud of: our customer service that consists of order, delivery and complaint processing works continuously. Our efficient IT system is practically invisible for end users and this is the way it should be. We are well-known for having the best customer service in the lighting sector and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Kanlux, assisted by GridwiseTech, decided to install Oracle GoldenGate to provide business continuity to their existing system," confirms Pawel Plaszczak, President of GridwiseTech. "This one-time investment has created robust IT Infrastructures for all the companies within the Group. Real time data integration with Oracle technologies is being successfully used in the largest companies in the world. Kanlux is one of only a handful of Polish companies that is reaping its benefits," he points out.

About Kanlux
Kanlux is one of the largest Polish companies in the lighting sector. After just 20 years in the market, the company's turnover is in the tens of millions of Euro. Kanlux has a solid foothold in Eastern Europe, France and Germany. They supply over 1,200 products and have 200 employees spread over several countries.

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