Lighthouse IP Presents World's First Real Global Patent Data Collection, 'The Diamond File'

Lighthouse IP Enables First Time Access to Truly Global Published Patent Information

Globally the patent information industry has relied on the DOCDB patent collection for the global perspective. Although some data is available for 106 countries in DOCDB, only 48 are current and updated frequently. When combining this with the fact that there are 152 authorities in the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) there is a gap of 104 countries, presenting potential serious risks of missing relevant publications.

The Diamond file issued by Lighthouse IP covers over 150 authorities with full bibliographic data and legal status information of more than 100 authorities. By doing so, the Diamond patent file is the first patent data file that provides a truly global patent perspective. Created by sourcing the original official publications from each patenting authority, the Diamond patent file provides retrospective data and updates for all countries. Aside from the PCT member states, Lighthouse IP continues to add countries to the file in striving for the most complete collection of patent information available in the world today.

“Following strong signals and concerns in the industry about incompleteness of publicly available published patent documents, we have initiated this project some years ago to cover many more authorities. First preliminary trials reflect enthusiastic receipt by professionals. In fact, no serious professional working with patent information can afford not to have coverage of these additional countries”, Lighthouse IP CEO Willem Lagemaat said.

The Diamond patent file is available under an annual license, covering the bibliographic or status information or a combination of both information sets. Both datasets are updated weekly.

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