Lift Launches New eFoil Board Lineup Allowing Users a Personalized Experience Over the Water

  • ​​​The launch of four new eFoil boards from pioneering company Lift allows all level of riders to experience the thrill of flying over the water - no waves needed
  • Over 1,000 Lift eFoils have shipped to date
  • All boards allow for a fun, emission- and pollutant-free watercraft ​

​​Lift, the world’s premier hydrofoil company which creates the finest performance foil boards, is now officially shipping its four new Lift eFoil boards. The new eFoil board lineup includes the 6’2” explorer, the 5’6” cruiser, the 5’0” sport and 4’4” pro board, allowing users a personalized experience and sensation of surfing and flying all in one.

The larger 6’2” explorer and 5’6” cruiser boards provide more volume and surface area, increasing flotation and stability. The smaller 5’0” sport and 4’4” pro boards are niftier, more maneuverable, and able to carve more aggressive turns. As part of a complete eFoil package, the boards come at a $12,000 price tag and are easy to use, allowing riders of all levels to experience flying over any body of water.

The launch of the four eFoil boards comes a year after Lift started shipping its original two Lift eFoil models: the E1 and E1 Sport. To date, Lift has shipped over 1,000 eFoils around the world. 

"We are thrilled to bring the additional Lift eFoil boards to market, allowing users of all levels a wider array of boards to choose from to suit their preference and expertise. Over the upcoming years, we aim to continue scaling up our production and to have a couple of different price points, as well as boards with different construction materials,” notes Lift founder Nick Leason.

About Lift 

Lift launched 10 years ago and is the world’s premium hydrofoil company, building custom foils, wings, and boards for discerning customers who want the best out of their gears. Lift is a dedicated innovator in both performance and technology and believes in the growth of foiling and the possibilities of making user-friendly foil boards for everyone. 

About the eFoil​​

The eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil, controlled with a wireless Bluetooth hand controller. Riders can fly for over an hour at speeds of up to 25 mph before recharging the board. The battery can be recharged via a normal home power outlet and the 1,200-watt charger that comes with each eFoil, with recharging taking around two hours.


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Source: Lift