Lifescan Health Joins Health Gorilla’s Lab Network to Streamline Diagnostic Testing at Scale

The integration paves the way for simplified access to Lifescan suite of diagnostic services for telehealth and traditional care providers.

Lifescan Health (Lifescan), a provider of CLIA-certified diagnostic services, announced a new partnership with Health Gorilla, a privacy-focused Health Information Network and interoperability solution provider. As a leader in national healthcare interoperability, Health Gorilla enables secure data sharing at a national scale across platforms, without the cost and engineering burden of integrating with individual data sources. The integration between the two companies gives telehealth, hybrid, and traditional care providers the ability to order laboratory tests from Lifescan and see results in a completely frictionless environment. 

The addition of Lifescan to the Health Gorilla network enables a broad network of providers to access self-collection kits for their patient populations, kitting and fulfillment services, and a proven technology stack to support rapid, accurate results designed to improve care outcomes.

“By combining our aptitude in advanced diagnostics and automation-driven laboratory services with Health Gorilla’s immense network, technology, and status as a candidate Qualified Health Information Network, this partnership is a major step forward for both companies and our partners in healthcare. Together, we are realizing a common mission of improving access to care services for providers and patients alike,” said Mr. Elly Kutoff, CEO of Lifescan Health.

“We’re pleased to integrate with Lifescan Health, broadening the diversity of vendors in our national lab network. Providers across the country can seamlessly transact with Lifescan and start shipping their patients at-home tests. As we pursue status as a candidate Qualified Health Information Network, we’re eager to bridge the gap between payers, provider organizations, and diagnostic labs, enabling comprehensive and compliant data exchange,” said Sergio Wagner, Chief Strategy Officer at Health Gorilla.

Lifescan continues to develop a full line of at-home test kits, processed by systems that support the company’s full-suite diagnostic services. Health Gorilla recently announced its acceptance for onboarding as a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

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About Lifescan Health:

Since 1996, Lifescan Health has provided clinical laboratory services to healthcare providers across the Midwest. In recent years, the company has expanded its capabilities to offer a full suite of diagnostic solutions that serve the healthcare industry at a national scale. Its state-of-the-art technology reduces testing turnaround and delivers data providers need to make informed decisions. Lifescan Health empowers consumers and providers alike with impactful insights that support healthy outcomes.

About Health Gorilla:

Health Gorilla is a secure health data-sharing platform, powering national health information exchange while protecting patient data privacy and security. Health Gorilla provides access to the broadest network of real-time healthcare data sources in the U.S., making it easy for authorized users to get a complete view of their patients. Through our collaborations with healthcare providers, insurers, and government organizations, we play a vital role in improving health outcomes, reducing administrative inefficiencies, and unlocking new business models. Health Gorilla is also one of the applicants accepted for onboarding as a candidate Qualified Health Information Network and must successfully complete testing and onboarding before official designation as a QHIN. Our platform hosts innovative privacy technologies designed to safeguard health data and protect patient privacy. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and on X @HealthGorilla.

Source: Lifescan Health