LifeFuels Announces Partnership Program: LifeFuels Integrations

Program marks a continued commitment to technological wellness innovation by developing native integrations with Peloton, Whoop, Oura, Strava and others, in addition to current Apple Health and Fitbit features

New LifeFuels Integrations Partnership Program

LifeFuels, the world’s first smart nutrition bottle, today announced the launch of LifeFuels Integrations, a 2020 commitment to the brand’s mission to enhance consumers’ overall wellness through technological expansion and cultivating a convenient user experience.

Through LifeFuels Integrations, the company will align with leading fitness and tracking technologies and like-minded performance-oriented wellness brands, allowing for cross-platform brand integrations. New features are listed as in-development with Peloton, Whoop, Oura, and Strava, and other companies are encouraged to apply via an online form. The app currently integrates with Apple Health and Fitbit. 

“At LifeFuels, we are passionate about helping our consumers achieve their hydration and wellness goals,” said Jonathon Perrelli, founder and CEO of LifeFuels. “Connecting the LifeFuels ecosystem to other leading performance-oriented brands, tools, and platforms shows our continued commitment to further help power people’s performance and make wellness and hydration more convenient than ever before. We’re excited to bring new offerings to our community, and extend our brand through strategic partnerships.”

LifeFuels’ smart bottle turns ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor and essential vitamins and nutrients and allows consumers to track both hydration and nutrition through its connected app. Used in connection with other fitness brands and tracking technologies, consumers can take control of their health and wellness by tracking and improving the correlation between their consumption and performance.

“Integrating with the greater ecosystem of health, fitness, and performance apps and devices enables powerful new features such as energy and sleep pod shot recommendations based on your tracked sleep or dialing in your pre-workout dosage and timing after looking at your workout session,” said Rob Lawson-Shanks, founder and CTO of LifeFuels. Partnerships will be announced on a rolling basis starting this year.

The initiative follows LifeFuels’ recent launch of new Pod Pack offerings specifically designed to power people’s performance and personal health amidst a larger brand refresh, which introduced Daily Pods, Boost Pods, and hand-curated Performance Pod Packs, as well as an official rollout of Pods under the performance, wellness, and beauty-focused verticals. Brands interested in working with LifeFuels should contact to explore opportunities.

About LifeFuels

LifeFuels is the creator of the world’s first smart nutrition bottle. Founded by Jonathon Perrelli and Rob Lawson-Shanks, the beverage technology company was created with a simple mission: to help people feel their best from the inside out. LifeFuels integrates three components – the Bottle, Pods, and LifeFuels App – to turn ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients. LifeFuels bridges the gap between hydration, nutrition, technology, and sustainability, and is redesigning the way people drink enhanced water — forever. Connect with @lifefuels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. For more information, please visit

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