Lifeform LED Announces Launch of Innovative Lifeform 5 Underwater Dock Light Kit

Having underwater lights on a dock can completely transform the experience of watching fish or relaxing at night by the water. Stepping up to offer an amazing solution is the leader in underwater LED boat and dock lights Lifeform LED, with their new product the Lifeform 5 Underwater Dock Light Kit.

For dock owners, there are few things that can bring their docks to life and deliver a jaw dropping an experience of high quality underwater dock lights.  Lifeform LED, a leader in underwater boat and dock lighting, recently announced the launch of their new product in the dock lighting category, the innovative Lifeform 5 Underwater Dock Light Kit, to quick praise.  The kit comes with everything needed to quickly and easily install a premium underwater dock lighting system at a very attractive price point.  Ideal for private docks, restaurants and marinas, whether in fresh or saltwater, the Lifeform LED underwater dock lighting kits have been received with enthusiasm.  "We have a great deal of confidence in our new Lifeform 5," commented a spokesperson for the company.  "Not only does this kit save our customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but the quality is unmatched.  For safety, appearances and even attracting fish, the Lifeform 5 is an exceptional product.  It truly adds to the customer's experience of enjoying their dock at night. Our underwater dock lights attract fish, are fun to swim in and make it fun to be on the water with friends after the sun goes down.  An added plus is its ease of install. It is sure to exceed customer expectations."

According to the company, the underwater dock lighting kits are ideal for those looking to light up their dock so their dock is easier to find in the dark when coming in from the water or just for hanging out at the end of the dock enjoying an evening by the water.  The Lifeform LED dock lighting solution is the perfect way to extend your hours on the water. The kit is quick and easy to install, and includes everything necessary to install including the lights, dock brackets, waterproof connectors, cables, timer and 24v transformer.  The plug and play kit has been especially designed to be quickly removed to be cleaned, or in areas where winter ice is common, can be removed easily and quickly reinstalled in the spring.  The Lifeform LED dock kit is arguably the highest quality product of its kind available in the dock lighting space and the turnkey kit makes the underwater dock lighting system affordable and easy to install.

The Lifeform 5 Underwater Dock Light Kit is available in standard a 6-count 8-count,  or 12-count, kits (larger kits are available) with LED lights in either a bright blue or a bright green.  It is available for both fresh and saltwater environments and can accommodate any type of dock. No matter the color choice, the lights will brighten a dock and make it a focal point sure to be seen at a great distance by boats or swimmers. Careful thought has been put into the design resulting in a product that is superior to anything else in the market.

Feedback from early customers has been overwhelmingly positive across the board.

John C., from Minnesota, recently said, "We had been thinking about purchasing dock lights for a long time and under a friend's recommendation we finally decided to go with the Lifeform LED's Lifeform 5 Underwater Dock Light Kit.  The price was right and setting it up very easy.  The best part is the quality.  Absolutely outstanding.  Five stars and fully recommended. I love spending time on my dock at night. The Lifeform LED underwater dock lights enhanced my property and added a whole new dimension to my dock"

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LIFEFORM LED was founded in 2012 by engineers - Ty Plowman and Dennis Sand, who have a combined 45 years of mechanical and electrical engineering experience. The two long-time friends realized that the marine LED market was experiencing rapid growth, and set out to design an underwater LED boat light and dock lights that would set new standards for value, efficiency, reliability and performance.   The company has been a fast success.  Learn more at

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About Lifeform LED

LIFEFORM LED was founded in 2012 by engineers - Ty Plowman and Dennis Sand, who have a combined 45 years of mechanical and electrical engineering experience.

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