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Unique home water recycling patent available for the first time

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Summit 360 Research LLC, the creators of the Flow Across America water conservation education initiative, announces licensing availability of the WATERouter® home water recycling patent US9758955. It is estimated that a trillion gallons of freshwater are literally flushed down the toilet every year across the country. WATERouter® takes lightly used greywater from a nearby fixture, such as a sink, and reapplies it for flushing toilets. This device is unique in that it can be retrofitted to most toilets by homeowners without remodeling and without relying on electricity to operate, giving WATERouter® a potential market reach of over 300 million toilets across the U.S. alone. 

Toilets are the single largest consumer of freshwater in a typical household accounting for 25%-30% of the water usage. With freshwater reserves at record lows in significant parts of the country, WATERouter® can help significantly reduce a household's freshwater footprint. Saving water also reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the associated energy used for desalination, filtering, transport and then treatment of the wastewater afterward. The WATERouter® prototype provides a proof-of-concept implementation of this patent. Visit to see a demonstration of its operation as well as a typical home installation. 

"There is a present and immediate need for simple-to-install and easy-to-use water conservation products across the country. Consumer awareness of the growing water crisis is driving up demand. Our focus is developing innovative everyday water conservation solutions and providing easy licensing opportunities to great companies that can make an impact," says Partner Solutions Manager, Rich Green. 

For the first time, Summit360 Research LLC is licensing the WATERouter® patent US9758955 to select innovative companies interested in water conservation and making a positive environmental impact. Please contact Rich, to learn more about licensing opportunities for WATERouter®. 

About Summit360 Research LLC

Summit360 Research is a company focused on innovation and education. It was founded with a simple goal in mind, to improve lives by finding everyday ways to support nature.

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About Summit360 Research LLC

Summit360 Research is a company focused on innovation and education. It was founded with a simple goal in mind, to improve lives by finding everyday ways to support nature.

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