Liberty Access Technologies Selected as Channel Partner for Rich Energy Solutions

HYDRA EV Charging Systems

Liberty Access Technologies has been selected as a channel partner by Rich Energy Solutions Company. Liberty would be the preferred provider for RES to offer EV charging solutions to their customers. RES is an industry-leading energy conservatorship company owned by David Rich whose family has been in the mechanical business for over 100 years.

John Grillo at Rich Energy Solutions said, "Our main goal at RES is to save our clients' money through energy conservation. We are excited to be able to offer Liberty's innovative and affordable EV charging solutions to our customers across the nation."

Chris Outwater, CEO of Liberty, said, "We are pleased to be a channel partner for Rich Energy Solutions. Our Hydra EV charging systems are the perfect fit for Rich Energy's mission to help their customers save money while protecting the environment."

Liberty's Hydra Systems are unique EV controllers that affordably connect up to 10 low-cost, basic chargers and give them smart charger capabilities, including access control, metering, data recording, and network communications. This provides the ability to remotely monitor and control charging as well as load-balancing and data collection for "carbon credits" in states that have instituted such programs.

Liberty's systems are being used by major organizations across the country, including Bristol Meyers Squibb, Cushman and Wakefield, Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, the Arizona Public Service, as well as several large school districts and multi-tenant residences across the country. 

About Rich Energy Solutions Company

Rich Energy is one of the leading energy conservation solution companies in the United States. They are a full-service provider offering a turn-key solution for their customers. The company's infrastructure is uniquely designed to facilitate the entire process from start to finish. The company's mission is simple: to reduce their customers' overall energy consumption and expense through a whole-building holistic approach.

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About Liberty Access Technologies

Liberty specializes in access control systems for electric vehicle charging in the parking industry, EV fleets, offices, universities, and multi-tenant dwellings. Liberty's patented Synchronous Code Generation technology enables secure charging without expensive networks, and the Hydra Multi EVSE Control system enables cost-effective large-scale EV charging solutions for workplace and multi-tenant dwellings. Liberty's mission is to use their patented technology to enable customers to control costs and carbon emissions via its "grid-aware" and "carbon-friendly" technology.

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