Lex Tech Review Releases the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide - a Resource for Solo to Mid-Sized Litigation Law Firms Navigating the Growing eDiscovery Product and Services Landscape

The publisher of legal technology reviews and education teamed up with Brett Burney, principal of Burney Consultants to release the guide

The 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide

Legal technology professionals Brett Burney and Chelsey Lambert have released the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide - a shopper's handbook and educational resource for solo to mid-sized law firms. 

The publication is the second installment in the Lex Tech Review Buyers Guide Series - created at the request of readers following the first edition, the 2017 Legal Technology Buyers Guide, published in November of 2017. The eDiscovery Buyers Guide was designed to serve as a shopper’s handbook for solo to mid-sized law firms in search of options that fit their budget and average case size.

An often-overlooked segment of the market, law firms of less than 150  employees are frequently unaware of the latest eDiscovery products and service providers available to them. Both authors share a passion for serving this group, delivering CLEs on legal technology throughout the country.

“Our mission with the eDiscovery Buyers Guide is to provide more than just product reviews - it's a practical, educational resource that law firms can consult when they need an eDiscovery solution or a provider. Because it doesn't matter what size law firm you're in - if you litigate today, then you have a duty to be aware of these tools and services and how they can help your client.” – Brett Burney, Principal, Burney Consultants

Free to download, the e-book is divided into the primary product and service categories seen in the litigation support process which includes hosted solutions, SaaS platforms, social media evidence capture, service providers, utilities and more.

In addition to a lengthy list of product reviews, noteworthy contributions by some of the litigation field’s leading experts have been added to enhance the value of the guide.

“Brett’s direct experience implementing eDiscovery technologies as both a consultant and litigation process specialist brings an invaluable perspective to this project. His fervor for the topic and extensive knowledge of the product suites jump off the pages of the guide. I look forward to expanding our educational offering with the launch of our corresponding YouTube Channel and product-focused blog.” – Chelsey Lambert, Founder and CEO, Lex Tech Review

The integration of technology into daily law firm practices is rapidly increasing while simultaneously, the cost of previously out-of-reach products have become more affordable. Innovation in the litigation support and eDiscovery segment of the market puts the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-based services in the hands of small to mid-sized law firms. Providers selected to participate in the guide have been vetted to ensure a fit within the intended audience’s average case requirements and budget.

Download the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide for free on the publication’s dedicated website, www.eDiscoveryBuyersGuide.com, where they will also share information on upcoming events, webinars, CLE courses and speaking engagements.

About Brett Burney

Brett Burney is principal of Burney Consultants LLC where he focuses his time on bridging the chasm between the legal and technology frontiers of electronic discovery. Prior to establishing Burney Consultants, Brett spent five years at the law firm of Thompson Hine LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked extensively with litigation teams in building electronic document databases, counseling on electronic discovery issues and managing the technical responsibilities of presenting electronic evidence at trial. Brett is a featured speaker at numerous legal technology conferences and is a well-respected author on legal technology topics.

About Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert is the founder and CEO of Lex Tech Review, legal technology specialist, author and CLE speaker. Over the course of more than a decade serving solo, small and mid-sized law firms, she has seen the challenges of both selecting technology and training staff how to use it. Ms. Lambert recently published the nearly 200-page 2017 Legal Technology Buyers Guide, which has been downloaded by thousands of legal professionals all over the world. As a former practice management advisor for the Chicago Bar Association and VP of marketing for a leading case management provider, she shares her expertise as a consultant to legal technology vendors to appropriately price, modify and market their products to suit the needs of the solo to mid-sized law firm buyer.


Chelsey Lambert, CEO and Founder, Lex Tech Review LLC

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