LEVELS App Adds 35k Users Amid Pandemic

Following the global spread of COVID-19, the social network has seen a spike in users adding locations to the platform to enable contact-less payments in their community

Beverly Hills Residents Community

Predominantly in the tech-savvy Los Angeles area, LEVELS, a social network with a payment function, has seen an increase in interest for its community-driven form of payment.

"Users can add their favorite places to our network which then allows them to pay with our app. A feature that has become popular during these times is that people are identified by their face when checking into venues. When they are done, customers just leave without waiting for a bill. It just goes straight to their phone - it's faster and one less thing they need to touch," says Jonas Frey, co-founder of LEVELS.

Since May 2020, more than 35,000 people signed up on the platform. As users created dozens of Los Angeles County residents groups such as the Beverly Hills Residents Badge or Malibu Locals Badge, the area became a hot spot for growth. More than 500 merchants have since been listed by users, enabling those venues to offer perks to much-needed local patrons.

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LEVELS is a social network with a payment function. Thousands of merchants globally accept LEVELS as a form of payment which allows users to transact at venues without waiting to pay.

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