Let Your Toddler Discover The Alphabet With "Mi A To Z" For IOS And "A To Z for Kids" For Android !

Indian based Manipal Digital Systems today announced the recent release of "mi A to Z" for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and "A to Z for Kids" for Android.

Designed specifically with developing youngsters in mind, this free engaging language app entertains children while simultaneously teaching them the basics of the American alphabet one letter at a time! The app effectively educates toddlers by encouraging them to associate letters with things they're likely to remember such as animals, flowers, and more.

Manipal, India - Manipal Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd., one of India's leading media services providers, has today announced its excitement over the recent release of mi A to Z for the iPhone and iPod Touch, together with an iPad and "A to Z for Kids" for Android optimized version of the app as well. This free language education app entertains children while teaching them the basics of the American alphabet one letter at a time! "mi A to Z" and "A to Z for Kids" utilizes a proven educational structure that effectively teaches toddlers their ABCs by encouraging them to associate letters with familiar things they already recognize including various animals, flowers, and more. To boot, the app includes a toddler level introduction to English phonetics as well. The perfect way for young kids start on the road towards mastering language, mi A to Z is currently available for download on the Apple App Store and A to Z for Kids in Android market for free in the Education category.

Entertaining toddlers is the most effective way to motivate them to learn. Recognizing this, "mi A to Z" and "A to Z for Kids" incorporates vibrant, visually engaging games and puzzles to help kids understand and then master the English alphabet. The app is divided into four uniquely themed sections - Animals, Fruits, Birds, and Flowers - which utilize a diverse array of speaking, spelling, and problem solving challenges that enable kids to connect letters to everything from antelopes to roses, and everything in between. Toddlers can spell out and learn how to pronounce the names of specific plants and animals, as well as recognizing them by looking at their written names.

In a fun twist kids can even play various animal and bird noises as an added bonus. Purely alphabetical problem solving games such as dragging balloons with emblazoned with similar together, and more are included too. To boot, a toddler's level introduction to English phonetics to help them learn correct pronunciations as they learn letters. Though it provides an in depth alphabetical education, "mi A to Z" and "A to Z for Kids" never forgets who its audience is. The app is designed to resemble a brightly colored picture book - complete with cute cartoon characters and whimsical landscapes - than an educational utility. Give your children a mobile experience that they won't simply find memorable, but educational with "mi A to Z" and"A to Z for Kids"!