Lepton Global Rolls Out SD-WAN Over Satellite Capability for VSAT Customers

Lepton's Boost™ Service Combines Caching, Compression, Acceleration, VPN IP SEC, Virtualized Routing and Single IP Addressing to Optimize Networking Over Satellite

BOOST™ Secure SD-WAN over Satellite

Lepton Global Solutions, a leading small business provider of customized, cost-effective, end-to-end satellite communications solutions, today announced the roll-out of their BOOST™ service, a secure software-defined wide area networking capability for optimizing satellite link traffic.

BOOST™ is designed to facilitate the secure and timely delivery of data to customer locations from VSAT-based endpoints. Integrated into the company’s ground infrastructure, Lepton’s BOOST™ virtual network utilizes five “engines” to provide WAN optimization: Security, Efficiency, Quality of Service (QoS), Congestion Control and Virtualized Routing. BOOST™ provides WAN network management specifically designed to address the high-latency, low-bandwidth environment of satellite networking with features including Caching, Compression, Acceleration, VPN IPSEC and Global Single IP Addressing.

“The breadth of functionality of the BOOST™ solution is what makes this such a compelling addition for our customers,” stated Rob Weitendorf, managing partner at Lepton Global Solutions. “In addition to caching and compressing data, and accelerating file transfers at endpoints, it virtualizes MPLS networks and provides a built-in VPN capability on top. Customers can securely and efficiently route between their headquarters and remote locations for a fraction of the traditional cost.”

To learn more about the features of BOOST™ and how to integrate them into your network, please visit www.leptonglobal.com/boost or contact info@leptonglobal.com.

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