LendTech Innovator TSLC Wins Two Awards at the 2022 ABF Wholesale and Retail Banking Awards

TSLC gets recognized for its technology and efforts in the UAE by getting awarded the "AI & Machine Learning Initiative Of The Year" and "Financial Inclusion Initiative Of The Year."

TSLC: Awards

The Social Loan Company (TSLC), a leading credit-led financial wellness platform, is awarded the "FINANCIAL INCLUSION INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR - UAE" and "AI & MACHINE LEARNING INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR - UAE", at the 2022 Asian Banking & Finance Wholesale and Retail Banking Awards.

Asian Banking & Finance (ABF) is a news magazine best known for gathering and serving key regional decision-makers. The ABF Awards recognizes banks and financial institutions with innovative retail products, services, and strategies that positively impact consumers and the industry across the Asia Pacific.

To choose the winners amongst tough competition, TSLC underwent months of evaluation with judges that included experts from PwC, EY, Deloitte, and Bain & Company.

Deepak H. Saluja, Co-Founder and Group CEO at TSLC, said: "The level of access to credit remains negligible for many, with 1.7 billion people reportedly lacking essential financial services. We are delighted to win in two categories from an industry-leading Award program like ABF Awards and renowned experts in the field. We are deeply committed to creating impact in the UAE- a country known for fintech innovation and bold strides to become a global fintech hub. On the back of our proprietary technology and well-advocated partnership model with financial institutions, we're on a mission to empower digital natives in UAE, India, and Bangladesh. Our ultimate goal is to serve over 100 million underserved individuals in emerging and frontier markets and create a financial inclusion impact of >20%."

Shagorika Heryani, Chief Marketing Officer at TSLC, said: "Our AI/ML-based proprietary technology and credit scoring system allow us to make financial inclusion possible by developing modern credit profiles and revolutionizing how money is distributed. To be recognized by ABF for our technology and efforts towards financial inclusion is an honor. This is a great testimony of the impact we hope to create in the UAE, in this incredible country full of dreams and opportunities. These awards speak both to the spirit of the country and the spirit of the company itself."

The awards recognize TSLC's outstanding technology and its continuous efforts toward financial inclusion by helping unlock the economic potential for millions of credit-thin, new-to-credit, and credit-invisible consumers. Their efforts also include:

  • Creating ways to maximize social value creation.
  • Alleviating social imbalance by providing fair access to credit for everyone equally.
  • Improving economic impact through access to essential financial services.
  • Promoting gender equality.

The award comes at an opportune time for TSLC, as the innovative LendTech company is on the verge of launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the MENAT region, preceding its public launch that will happen in the ensuing months. 

About TSLC

Founded in 2016, The Social Loan Company, or TSLC, is a global venture builder on a mission to make financial inclusion a reality for underserved digital natives in emerging and frontier markets. TSLC aims to revolutionize money and cater to the financial needs of millions of credit-thin, new-to-credit, and credit-invisible customers. Using a unique Al/ML-driven technology, TSLC aims to lower the barriers and democratize credit by bringing a paradigm shift in financial access, enabling cost efficiencies, transparency, and speed.

For more information, contact Shagorika Heryani, Global Chief Marketing Officer at TSLC: shagorika@tslcglobal.com

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Source: The Social Loan Company

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AI / ML credit-led financial wellness platform for underserved consumers.

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