Leicester Exchanges Now Holds Live Debating Events

Leicester Exchanges, a UK based platform to participate in various debates, now holds live debating events. With this initiative, people now have an opportunity to exchange views on pressing issues of the society before a live audience.

Leicester, UK, 16 December 2011 : A leading forum that laid foundations for an online platform wherein intellectuals discuss various issues, Leicester Exchanges now conducts live debates. With an aim to find solutions to pressing issues of the society, the online forum ventures out to give individuals a push to participate in live events. Bringing their viewpoint into light in front of a highbrow audience, people from any sphere are invited to participate.

Straight from the forum, the discussions are extended to a face-to-face interaction wherein people can seek answers that may bring good to the society. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to come on stage. If not willing to participate, people can suggest a topic for the Spring 2012 event to be held in London. Better yet, attend the event and assimilate what opinion makers have to say - it is no less than an achievement in itself.

Playing a significant role in forming opinion, debates, held at any level, are fuel to the thoughts of people. Consequently, giving a nudge to the governing bodies to take appropriate steps to correct what's been overlooked for long. When the debates are held live at such a higher level, they are certain to bring about some badly needed changes.

Understanding the fact that each person has something of worth to say, they give an opportunity to those who can't make it to the live events. Post events, details of the debated topics are published on the website, whereby others who missed can join the online debates on a particular topic and have their say on the forum.

Besides that, a summary of the previous live events are available on the Leicester Exchanges website, along with edited videos and debate articles. On top of that, people may get to catch interviews with the panelists.

About Leicester Exchanges

Leicester Exchanges is a leading UK based debating platform with global participants. They believe that everyone has an equally important part to play in order to shape our future. With the debate forum, they tackle a range of political, social, economic issues. They also offer you an opportunity to participate in their daily discussions as they believe we all have something worth discussing.

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