Legendarium Media Partners with BoomWriter Media to produce the next generation of User Generated Content

Legendarium to Produce and Publish Original Stories Using BoomWriter Media's Collaborative Writing Platform

Today, BoomWriter Media Inc., an education and online publishing company, announced a partnership with Legendarium Media, LLC. Legendarium Media will utilize BoomWriter Media’s collaborative writing site, Skrawl.com for generating original content for numerous stories they intend to publish. “We are very excited to partner with Legendarium Media,” said Keith Woodward, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager. “This partnership demonstrates the future of writing and publishing. Using our proprietary platform, Legendarium can leverage the power of the crowd to generate original content faster and more efficiently through a community of writers and readers.”

Skrawl takes a unique approach to collaborative writing where users compete for bits of stories. Whether it is an article, editorial copy, novel or script, Skrawl can deliver higher quality content in faster timeframes than traditional writing collaboration sites. Unlike blogs, online forums, and other self-publishing services, Skrawl is not one person's perspective, rather it has a community of writers and readers who collaborate, compete and piece together stories. It’s like crowdsourcing for original content.

"Skrawl's platform engages our community through collaborative storytelling."

Erik Yeager

Director of Media Operations at Legendarium Media

Legendarium Media, a leading Science Fiction and Fantasy news and media site, intends to produce various stories on Skrawl and eventually publish through their existing distribution channel. “Skrawl’s platform engages our community through collaborative storytelling,” says Erik Yeager, Director of Media Operations at Legendarium Media. “Using their crowd-based approach will improve engagement with our community, and we expect to amplify the online presence of our stories through social sharing.”

To learn more about Skrawl, please visit http://www.skrawl.com.

About BoomWriter Media, Inc.

BoomWriter Media, Inc. is a leading provider of online collaborative writing solutions. Used by educators, students and writers of all skill levels, BoomWriter Media's social platform is designed for anyone who wants to write and build stories in a community. BoomWriter Media has delivered more than 2.5 million projects in the last 2 years and is used in over 20,000 classrooms, across more than 60 countries.

For more information about BoomWriter Media, please visit www.boomwriter.media.

About Legendarium Media

Legendarium Media, LLC, exists to provide the global community of fantasy and science fiction fans and content creators with news, interviews, and original content (including published works, audio and video content, music, and filmed entertainment) associated with the closely-related fantasy and sci-fi genres.

For more information about Legendarium Media, please visit www.legendariummedia.com.​


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BoomWriter Media, Inc. is a leading provider of online collaborative writing solutions.

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