Legacy of Love Offers Industry-Changing Option for End-of-Life Pre-Planning

Never set foot into a funeral home again: Straightforward pricing online allows grieving families to complete all paperwork in the comfort of their homes.

Legacy of Love Funeral Planning

Legacy of Love provides a fresh, user-friendly approach to funeral pre-planning never before available. This new service is expertly designed to increase peace of mind for grieving families through convenience, flexibility and transparency in end-of-life preparations.

Rick Braun, founder of Legacy of Love, created this industry-changing product to address life's final expenses based on his years in the financial services industry. An entrepreneur and long-time licensed financial professional, Braun identified issues with existing death care pre-planning and was determined to think outside the box to increase transparency in this uniquely personal endeavor.                    

"I feel there is a tremendous need for transparency and education on the matter of funeral pre-planning," said Braun, who worked to create Legacy of Love to offer just that.

After careful research and design, Legacy of Love provides an alternative to traditional pre-need planning with benefits that include financial transparency, supreme convenience, flexibility and true client-centered control. It is protected and exempt from Medicaid consideration to ensure the benefits cover final arrangements when the time comes.  

In most traditional pre-need funeral planning, the money paid is invested into a specially designed life insurance policy for the funeral industry known as the final expense segment. Frequently, the local death-care professional with which an individual works is named as the owner of any resulting policy benefits. In this model, most families are unaware that any extra benefits not needed to cover the resulting funeral costs are never available to them.

"You would never take out life insurance where you don't get to name the beneficiary," noted Braun, stressing no one should put a death-care benefit in an outsider's name either.

"Nothing like our platform has existed prior to Legacy of Love," noted Braun. "Our platform is just much more transparent and allows the clients to maintain control."        

To further support clients, Legacy of Love provides full concierge service at the time of death. The family contacts Legacy of Love rather than the funeral home, and Legacy of Love handles the details. Concierge staff can assist in finding a funeral home if the family wishes. Legacy of Love will review the estimated costs to ensure offerings adhere to the funeral home's General Price List and will then audit the final bill for compliance. Concierge staff will facilitate the payment of claims to the funeral home and ensure any excess funds are delivered to the named beneficiary. 

"When it comes to pre-planning funerals, Legacy of Love simply provides a better way of doing what has always been done with transparency, support, flexibility and options," said Braun.

To learn more or to begin end-of-life pre-planning, visit Legacy of Love online at https://legacyfuneralplanning.com/ or call (866) 760-8033.

Source: Legacy of Love Funeral Planning

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