Ledger Launches All-in-One Team Management Tool

SaaS startup takes aim at industry giants with multi-use app designed to usher in a return to simplicity in work.

Ledger Teams, Inc.

Ledger Teams, Inc., a SaaS startup, has launched an easy-to-operate team management and connection tool, Ledger, designed to help teams of all sizes eliminate app clutter and manage projects, discussions, and tasks in a unified space.

"Most teams need a handful of essential tools to connect and work well together, like a small Swiss army knife. But if we add too many options into that little knife, it gets bulky and cumbersome to use. And that's what happened with team management software. It became too bulky," says Light Silver, Ledger's CEO and Founder. "Many teams eventually abandon these platforms altogether and revert to email, because in the end, it's just simpler to use. Ledger speaks to this less-is-more mindset. We are that Swiss army knife."

As Silver explains, Ledger unifies the essential ways teams connect in a single space, so they don't require separate subscriptions to manage each of the nuanced ways that members work and connect.

The app combines five essential work tools:

  • Streams, a simplified Slack-like messenger
  • Buzz, for team-wide announcements and polls
  • Events, a hybrid calendar and task manager
  • Projects, for project management
  • Tickets, a light HR feature for employee evaluations, requests, eSignatures, and customer service

With this suite of tools, Ledger holistically connects the entire team experience in a simplified application. "Apps like ClickUp, Monday.com, and Asana reflect this simplicity that most companies are now realizing they've been moving away from for years," Silver said. "The least technical member of your team can pick Ledger up and use it out of the box—there's almost no learning curve. That's where it begins for us."

Ledger was created and tested in-house at Silver's financial firm after he struggled to find a tool to cover all his team's needs, without app-switching and add-ons. Over several years, he developed and redeveloped the tool, leveraging data from the firm with user and client feedback.

After seeing record productivity, team engagement, and company growth, Silver realized the potential his tool had for other teams, from freelancers to startups and established companies. Thus, Ledger was born.

To highlight the platform's uses in the most relatable and least technical way possible, and as a nod to Silver's early career as a screenwriter, Ledger recently released an original case study featuring the fictional Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. from The Office. And yes, Michael Scott is heavily featured.

"I spent years working with some of the biggest producers in the world crafting stories. And it taught me one thing. Less is always more," Silver explained. "And so it is with Ledger. We spent years stripping away everything but the essentials. The result is a tool I'm hopeful can help other teams of all shapes and sizes not only succeed, but thrive."

About Ledger Teams, Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, Ledger Teams, Inc. is a software as a service company returning simplicity to work through its team management and productivity tool, Ledger. The easy-to-operate app combines five essential work tools in a single workspace: calendars and task lists, team messaging, company memos, project management, and light HR issues with eSignatures. Developed over several years in-house at a financial firm, Ledger is a bootstrapped application designed to bring simplicity back to the tools we use. To learn more and sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit LedgerTeams.com.

For inquiries, contact Kevin Giffin at media@ledgerteams.com. Follow Ledger on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Source: Ledger Teams, Inc.

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About Ledger Teams, Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, Ledger Teams, Inc. is a software as a service (SaaS) company dedicated to empowering teams to achieve more together. With a focus on simplicity, affordability, and usability, their all-in-one tool, Ledger, is designed to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration across organizations of all sizes.

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