Leda Health Wins CES 2022 Innovation Award for Early Evidence Kit and Platform

Leda Health's Early Evidence Kit and platform support sexual assault survivors with live, virtual care, hospital facilitation, and at-home DNA collection. Leda partners with communities to tackle sexual assault and care for survivors.

Leda Health's Early Evidence Kit + Platform Win CES 2022 Innovation Award

Leda Health was named a CES Innovation Awards Honoree for its Early Evidence Kit and platform supporting sexual assault survivors in the aftermath of trauma. Leda Health is a survivor-run company that partners with communities to provide 24/7 care to sexual assault survivors, both in the moments and years after their trauma. 

Someone is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds in the U.S., but 77% of these survivors never report or receive care. Leda Health's Early Evidence Kit and platform were designed by survivors and advocates, with help from sexual assault nurses and lawyers, to address the care gap head-on. Leda's resources apply a trauma and healing-informed approach to help tackle sexual assault at its root causes and care for survivors in the aftermath. 

CES has a history of honoring technological innovation for social good. The impact of increasing access to care and healing after sexual assault is obvious. In addition to tools for remote-evidence collection and virtual care, Leda's services address the long-term mental health needs of survivors, who are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide

"Increasing access to care and healing after sexual assault has a life-changing impact in a society where 94% of female survivors like myself will develop PTSD. It is an honor to have CES recognize our work, but the true honor is helping more survivors receive access to the care and healing that every one of us deserves," says Co-Founder and CEO, Madison Campbell, who built Leda Health after surviving assault in college.

Leda's remote DNA collection kits are inspired by the Early Evidence Kits already available in nations like Australia, Ireland, and the U.K. 80% of survivors who report shower or bathe before collecting evidence. Early Evidence Kits provide a remote and confidential option for immediate, time-sensitive DNA collection prior to a hospital visit. Leda's kits do not mandate a hospital visit or reporting, but they do encourage both, and their virtual 24/7 Care Team will even facilitate visits on their behalf. 

Leda Health's services range from virtual Healing Circles — offering holistic programming incorporating healing practices like yoga, art, and music to survivors in all stages of their journey — to emergency contraception and at-home STI testing kits for care after assault, and a 24/7-Care Team trained to support survivors as they navigate their next steps.

Leda also offers educational programming and Accountability Circles, led by trauma and healing specialists, to tackle and mitigate the root causes of abuse. Leda works with community partners, like organizations, corporations, and colleges, to equip them for prevention and care for sexual assault. To partner with Leda Health, or for press inquiries, email info@leda.co.

Source: Leda Health