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Paclights is a producer of efficient, durable, high quality, long lasting and eco friendly range of LED Flood Light and more. It stocks a vast range of commercial light solutions that tick every box when catering to the commercial sector requirements.

Light Emitting Diodes better known as LED lights are increasingly becoming a popular choice for commercial as well as residential applications. From LED Flood Light to LED Canopy Lights, the options and applications are plentiful so is the demand. PacLights is a leading manufacturer of top notch LED lights dedicated to fulfilling demand for high standard light solutions. The firm is engaged in manufacturing light fixtures and high wattage bulbs for commercial applications.

LEDs have undergone a number of technological advancements. PacLights seeks to make the most of this and engineer products like LED Canopy Light for outdoor applications. The company believes in delivering the best in class LED products that are affordable, highly efficient, eco friendly and save energy. What sets the firm apart is their focus on premium quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. The company is a trusted source of commercial lighting for a number of businesses. Being an Energy Star partner and LED lighting Facts LED products partner, it is committed to giving the best experience.

PacLights is one of the finest manufacturers of Outdoor LED lights and fixtures like LED Canopy Lights, Wall packs, area lights, high bays and a lot more. It is fully dedicated to bringing LED excellence to its customers with products that make the cut.

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PacLights is known for its vast range of fixtures. All of its products are UL/ETL listed and have made it to the Design Lights Consortium Qualified Products List. Its Chino warehouse facility is fully equipped to cater to high volume demand and is home to multiple loading blocks. The facility carries out inbound and outbound shipping seamlessly.

The LED Wall Pack that PacLights produces is one of the many products that stand for quality and excellence. Designed to be a performer in and out the light does not fail at what it is designed to do. It sports a smooth finish in architectural brown. The tint not only makes it look good but gives it a strong and durable corrosion resistance capability. PacLights has taken extra care in using the best LED drivers that determines the efficiency of the lights. The lights also come with a full size heat sink that is responsible for effectively aiding heat dissipation and keeping the chips cool while improving longevity.

The glare-free construction helps give out a uniform illumination which is a feature in every PacLights product. A full size PCB board that is integrated into the sturdy construction provides for a pleasant lighting experience in just half the size of coverage of other brands. PacLights has taken every care in ensuring the durability of its products. This can be seen in the glass refractor it uses that fights discoloration. Finally with a high waterproof rating of IP65 and easy installation and set up, PacLights has sealed the deal providing a comprehensive and high performance outdoor product. For more info visit http://www.paclights.com

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