Lectrifi Limited Transmits Encrypted Data and Power Over Same Wireless Connection

Hong Kong-based innovator develops wireless technology to securely transmit sensitive data across a single channel

In pursuit of advancing the possibilities of a world without wires, Lectrifi Limited is developing a technology that has the capacity to simultaneously deliver watts of power and transmit encrypted data through a single wireless connection.

The breakthrough comes at a time when the era characterized as the Internet of Things continues to advance at a rapid rate. Developers of electronically powered devices are presently restricted by a number of factors relating to the way power and data is transferred from a source to end-user applications.

“Removing the reliance of wires to transfer data and power for business functions, medical monitoring and general consumer use would be a huge step forward in the evolution of the IoT. With a simultaneous and encrypted wireless transfer system, application development can take advantage of the efficiencies of singular connections to enable a safer, faster and more secure way of transferring sensitive data through the air,” commented Lectrifi Limited’s chief technology officer.

“What we have achieved here at Lectrifi goes beyond the thought of possibility. Consensus appeared to determine that wireless power transfer was most efficient through the use of narrow bandwidth transmission. The problem in using narrow bandwidth transmitters for power transfer is that data transfer across a simultaneous connection is heavily restricted.

“With our latest development, we have configured a transmission and receiver system to combine the benefits of both wide and narrow-bandwidth elements. This essentially facilitates the efficient flow of data with much greater capacity, whilst maintaining the high levels of security required with the transfer of sensitive data.” 

With a focus on advancing wireless transfer technologies, Lectrifi Limited continues to work under collaboration and in partnership with a number of leading electronic corporations and application development manufacturers.

As technologies become ever more efficient, the possibilities for an enhanced consumer experience will be incorporated into a range of technologies that will likely shape the automotive, medical, business and consumer commercial industries for years to come.

Tech-News360 - Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Source: Lectrifi Limited