Lebaas.com to Address Fashion Requirements of the Contemporary Muslim Woman

UK-based Lebaas.com introduced its new line of Autumn & Winter wear for the Contemporary Muslim woman, blending new trends with Islamic sensibilities. Lebaas has a global network of distributors, retailers, and business tie-ups.

Lebaas.com has adopted a slightly different approach for filling a void in the Islamic fashion industry catering to Muslim women. This void refers to the fact that the bustling online marketplace for Islamic apparels lacks practical solutions for the modern Muslim woman. Lebaas brings together ethnic craftsmen and seasoned designers to create traditionally styled Islamic clothing featuring the comfort and design dynamics associated with contemporary apparel trends.

There are few online Islamic apparel brands for women that can boast of a global following. The Muslim fashion industry often loses its core theme to Hollywood, Bollywood and international fashion impressions. This is where the real work lies—transforming modest Islamic clothing for women into fun. Lebaas create an inventory that addresses most modern-day dressing demands for Muslim ladies of all ages. This isn’t the most easily penetrable fashion audience.

Lebaas.com has evolved as an online store where Islamic women can feel safe about choosing apparels and accessories that don't challenge their traditions yet, allow them to look fashionable.  The options are often limited and many of these are very conservative. With more women taking to the workplace, the need for comfortable yet Islamic-styled moderate clothing for women has risen sharply in the recent past. This trend, that is visible across the world and not just the UAE or Indonesia—two nations with a relatively high proportion of Muslim women in the active workforce.

Lebaas.com was launched after much detailed groundwork. The emphasis was on identifying the home, outdoorsy and jobsite apparel requirements of Muslim women. The idea was not to be predictably demure and yet stay away from being daring.

For instance, Lebaas has revamped its entire range of exclusive Arabian Kaftans and Dubai Abayas for the forthcoming Ramadan & Eid 2015 celebrations. The emphasis is on using smarter designing practices to ensure greater comfort without eliminating the aura of traditionally inspired creations. These full-length dresses feature smartly incorporated fitting patterns where the emphasis is on maintaining mobility. The idea is to ensure sharper fittings rather than create figure-hugging ensembles. The Creative Team at Lebaas invests many resources in exploring the latest fashion trends and recommends those that fall in line with its philosophy. Its leading collections, showcased on international ramps of London are repeatedly ordered online from Middle East nations and Indonesia and this includes a wide array of three-quarter sleeves, longer skirts, vibrant hijabs and burqinis apart from designer Zoya Anarkali collection items.

More about Lebaas.com

Lebaas.com uses a more curated approach, using clinical hyper-segmentation of the targeted buyer. This helps to create strategic product identification exercises for different apparel users. This allows Lebaas precisely address everyday, workplace and party-wear apparel requirements for Muslim women in different demographics. This journey has not been easy