Leaving the Circus Behind: Nonprofit Compliance With COGENCY GLOBAL INC.

Nonprofit Compliance

For charitable organizations, nonprofit registration and compliance are gloomy clouds lurking in the bottom of every task list. Working on activities that support the mission? Exhilarating! Charitable solicitation registration filings, renewals, and annual corporate compliance? Far less so. But avoiding these compliance tasks puts a nonprofit at risk of steep fines, tarnishing their reputation with donors or losing the ability to legally fundraise.

When you consider that state compliance rules are always changing, government forms are time-consuming and there’s never enough people for the work that needs to be done – juggling competing priorities with filing deadlines can turn any office into a circus.

That’s where COGENCY GLOBAL comes in.

For nearly 40 years, COGENCY GLOBAL INC., formerly National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR), has been a leading provider of nationwide and international registered agent, process agent, corporate and secured transaction services for all industries, including the nonprofit sector. With this breadth of experience, COGENCY GLOBAL offers comprehensive nonprofit compliance services that take all of the hard work out of staying up-to-date with every state.

For nonprofits, outsourcing compliance to a partner like COGENCY GLOBAL makes it easier to focus on their overall mission and get back to the work they love. COGENCY GLOBAL helps nonprofits meet fundraising registration requirements and file on time, every time, meaning organizations avoid fines and late fees that would otherwise divert funding from their core mission.

Beyond state charity registration and renewal, COGENCY GLOBAL offers a wide range of supplemental services including nonprofit formation and qualification, business licensing, sales tax exemption and registered agent services.

Does your nonprofit need help walking the compliance tightrope? Forget about the balancing act, hand off the job to COGENCY GLOBAL and get back to what really matters.

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For more information, visit us online or call COGENCY GLOBAL’s corporate headquarters at (800) 221-0102. Ron Barrett, Vice President of Nonprofit Services




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